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Mike Yanda

Mike Yanda of Laptop Empires

Mike started his first side hustle in law school. It was an online fitness coaching business that he ran in his spare time to help pay off his student loan debt. By the time he graduated, he became incredibly skilled at lead generation with Facebook ads. So he started a second side hustle managing Facebook ads for local businesses. He got to the point where he was earning more money with both of these side hustle businesses than he was at his day job as an attorney. So, he made a decision to stop practicing law and continue to build his businesses. Today, in addition to running Laptop Empires, he runs a thriving Facebook advertising agency and earns more than most law partners do, while working from home and looking after his two young sons.


Bobby Hoyt

Bobby Hoyt of Laptop Empires and Millennial Money Man

Bobby Hoyt was a school teacher who found himself $40,000 in debt after college. But through hard work and some ballin’ personal finance skills, he was able to pay off all of his debt in just 18 months. He wanted to share his strategies with others who were stuck in similar situations, so he left his teaching job to go “all-in” on his personal finance blog, Millennial Money Man. Bobby started a digital marketing business to pay his rent while his blog was growing. Today, his site reaches nearly 2,000,000 people per year and he owns multiple online businesses.


Bobby and Mike started Laptop Empires to show YOU how you can start a profitable side hustle and grow it as big as you want.

Whether that means just earning an extra $1,000-$2,000 per month… or making your new business your full-time income… or if you plan on growing your business to the 7-figures or beyond… Laptop Empires is the place for you.

So if you’re looking to start earning more money so you can pay off your debt… give yourself a better lifestyle… finally quit your day job… or just earn income remotely so you can have the freedom to travel the world, then Mike and Bobby are going to show you how.

We take a different approach to starting and growing your side hustle business. We believe…

1. Make money to build an incredible life for ourselves and our family.

2. Help others build online businesses so they can also create an incredible life for themselves and their families.

3. Have a damn good time doing it.


Next Steps…

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