Making it rain since 2018

We’re Bobby and Mike… and… Biggie Snuggs (we’ll explain the bear in a second)

We’ve taught thousands of people how to build an online business and their dream life from scratch, and we have a lot of fun doing it. 

What’s up with the teddy bear?

(and other important FAQs)

What is Laptop Empires?

Laptop Empires is the #1 online source for teaching people how to start online businesses. We specialize in:

  • Growing digital marketing agencies
  • Teaching people the dark arts (just kidding) of content marketing and full-time blogging
  • Six-figure course launches and making insanely profitable info products quickly

So what’s with the name Laptop Empires?

It IS a cool name for an online business, right? We help people create digital empires from their laptop, so it just fits. Truth be told, wasn’t actually available when we started our business, so we almost had to go with something way less awesome like “”, or “”.

Fortunately the last person who owned this domain name never did anything with it (or failed miserably and had to close up shop… we’re not sure), and put it up for auction. Bobby just so happened to click the refresh button at the right time on Godaddy, saw that Laptop Empires was available, and bought it for $10. The rest is history.

How do I become a Hustler?

Woah woah woah - not that Hustler. Wrong website.

We’re very fortunate here at Laptop Empires to have awesome students that also happen to be raving fans of how we help people. We call them… The Hustlers™ (that’s a fake ™ just FYI).

Becoming a Hustler is pretty simple, although it does take a buy in:

A blood pact.

Just kidding just kidding. It is a buy in (literally), but not that serious.

There are two ways to join the private Laptop Empires Coaching Community and become a Hustler™ that do not involve blood:

1. Join the Facebook Side Hustle Course, and you’ll get one month for free in our community and a discounted price afterward

2. Grab a Coaching Group membership directly (no course purchase required)

I noticed you said you have the best email newsletter in the world. Is it true?

Well, we like to think so. Our email marketing strategies are the backbone of what we do here at Laptop Empires and were the key to turning Laptop Empires into a 7-figure online business.

And yes, we’ve generated well over 7-figures net revenue with this business - here’s a little social proof from Forbes for you:

Now that we’re done bragging, let’s talk more about our email newsletter.

Well, actually… it’s kinda hard to explain how deadly-effective our emails are. It’s one of those things that you just have to experience for yourself.

I want to make money online, but I don’t want it to take forever. What’s the best option?

Psh, that’s the easiest question you’ve asked so far. Our flagship product, the Facebook Side Hustle Course, is the #1 fastest way to start and grow an online business.

You’ll learn our step-by-step system for starting and growing your own Facebook ad agency, which will allow you to help small business owners bring more customers in the door every single day.

The going rate for FB ad management is $1,500 per month, per client (yep, you read that correctly).

Sound like a good fit for you? Go here to learn more about the FBSH course and join over 3,000 happy Hustlers.

I’d like to become a professional blogger too - how do I get started?

Yeah, we don’t blame you. Blogging, whether you want to do it full-time like Bobby or want to effectively use a blog to grow your digital marketing agency, can bring in fat stacks.

BUT, it’s important that you set yourself up correctly from the beginning.

Here at Laptop Empires, we recommend Bluehost website hosting for beginner bloggers. It’s easy to install, affordable (~$3/month), and reliable.

If setting up a blog on your own sounds too daunting, don’t worry. We have a free done-for-you blog installation service called Launch That Blog. Just sign up for hosting through our Bluehost affiliate link, fill out our blog installation request form, and we’ll take care of the rest for you within 2-3 business days.

Who are the shockingly handsome guys behind Laptop Empires?

Bobby Hoyt, Mike Yanda, and Biggie Snuggs (I promise we’re about to explain the bear - just stay with us here).

Bobby started a personal finance blog called Millennial Money Man back in 2015 after paying off $40,000 of student loan debt on his teaching salary. He then foolishly quit his teaching job after making $3 from his website, realized he needed to make money quickly, started providing digital marketing services for local small businesses, and continued to grow his website.

Fast forward to now, and he’s still a professional blogger (yes, it’s a real thing), and has had millions of loyal readers come to his website over the years. He’s also a Forbes contributor and has been featured in CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Business Insider, and a whole bunch of other fancy media outlets. As you can tell, he thinks highly of himself (but in a very humble and likeable way).

Specialties: Email marketing, Blogging, Local ad management, Search Engine Optimization, course launches, audience building, drinking good bourbon

Mike is a recovering attorney, Aggie, and all around digital marketing badass. After starting an online fitness coaching on the side during law school, Mike started running Facebook ads for himself to bring in more clients. He quickly realized that he was a ninja master at running Facebook ads, and other people started to pay him to run theirs too. He ditched the fitness business, decided being a lawyer was overrated, fell in love with wine, and went on to grow a multi-six figure per year Facebook ad agency. Oh and he did all of that as a stay-at-home dad to three small humans. (Between you and me, I’m pretty sure they are robot children)

Specialties: Scaling ad agencies, ad copywriting, funnel building, email list building, email marketing, course launches, paid traffic systems, also drinking good bourbon

Seriously, what the hell is up with the bear?!?

Ok, ok. It’s time to tell the story of Biggie Snuggs. Thanks for being patient with us.

Basically, Bobby and Mike started Laptop Empires after coming up with the idea for the world-famous Facebook Side Hustle Course.

After doing $130,000 in their first weekend as a business with their initial course launch (more on that below), they decided it was time to get serious.

All serious businesses, as you know, have mascots. So Bobby and Mike decided to make a hip hop angry teddy bear the representative of their brand, and Biggie Snuggs was born.

We believe that online businesses should be fun - not stuffy (even though teddy bears are stuffed animals but you know what we mean). If you want to have a cartoon bear as your brand mascot, you should do it. As long as you’re making bank… who cares?

Fun fact: we hired a cartoon artist on retainer to make a bunch of Biggie Snuggs pictures. Here are a few below (and you can go here to our swag shop to see them all):

Wait… you said you made $130,000 in a weekend from your first course launch? Explain.

Yep, it’s true. It’s a long story though, so you’ll want to check out our 3-part podcast series if you want to learn how we did it step-by-beautiful-and-highly-profitable-step:

Did some dude actually get a Biggie Snuggs tattoo, or is that fake news?

Biggie Snuggs tattoo

We're not quite sure whether we should be proud or ashamed, but yes - it's true.

Long story short, we were at a conference having dinner when a fan of the brand told us that he wanted to get a Biggie tattoo.

We didn't think he was really serious, but fast forward a few hours, and we found ourselves inside of a tattoo shop watching in horror (and glee) as our brand became permanently inked on a human being's thigh.

But truth be told, the real reason he said he wanted the tattoo was pretty amazing: he went from homeless to working online full-time, and along the way we had helped inspire him to follow his dreams. 

It's pretty amazing what the internet can do, isn't it?

Leverage your skills NOW to create a life you love.

Do you want financial freedom to spend, save, or invest? How about more free time to do what you love or the freedom of being your own boss and doing what you do best?

Side hustles can buy that freedom.

Use what’s left of 2020 to learn what you need to know to start a side business that you can scale in 2021.