What I'm about to show you Is one of the fastest, most reliable strategies you can use to diversify your blog traffic and generate MORE revenue in as little as 7 days…

(Even if you’re brand-new and have yet to write your first post).


You missed out!

You’ve probably never even thought of trying this.

You might have never even heard of it.

But, this one thing has helped me reach millions of readers over the years… get 50-100 email subscribers every single day, like clockwork… and create a huge audience of raving fans who love my stuff and share it with everyone they know.

This one strategy I’m about to show you might be the key to helping you to monetize your blog 90% faster… so you could quit your job, generate more income, or… even become a full-time blogger (if that’s your goal).

Here’s what I think the coolest part is though…

When you try out what I’m about to show you, it amplifies ALL of the other traffic generation and email list building methods you’re using… while stabilizing your blog traffic, protecting you from algorithm changes, AND provides you with a safety net so that your blog revenue NEVER dries up.

All I ask is that you suspend your disbelief, hear what I have to say, and then try out this step-by-step plan yourself… so you can build your own massive army of super-engaged fans who love everything you put out. 

And if that wasn’t enough… I’m actually going to personally help you make all of this happen. If that sounds interesting to you, then keep reading...

Dear Blogger,

My name is Bobby Hoyt, I’m the owner of the popular blog Millennial Money Man.

And what I’m about to show you might blow your mind.

The reason I think that is because in just three short years, I’ve managed to go from “just starting out” to earning more money than I ever thought I could with my blog.

In fact, in 2019 my online blogging business brought in well over 7 figures of revenue.

It’s just… crazy.

I’ve been able to grow an email list of 60,000+ people… a FB group totaling 13,000+ members… and attract millions of unique page views over the lifetime of my blog.

On top of that, because of the audience I’ve been able to build I’ve been featured and interviewed on popular programs like CNBC, Forbes, Fox News, and Business Insider… and my work has been featured in Yahoo Finance, MSN, and Reuters.

Now, I’m NOT anyone special.

And I am NOT saying all this to brag...

(Heck - if you’ve ever read any of my articles, you know I was a high school band teacher three years ago.)

I’m telling you this for one simple reason…

I was able to accomplish all those milestones is because I made the conscious decision to master this one simple traffic source.

And now, I’d like to PERSONALLY help you do the same...

Before I Go Any Further, Please Note: These Results Are NOT Typical

The unfortunate reality is that blogging is a hard game.

Many bloggers will quit and take themselves out of the game after years of hard work without making the kind of money they thought they could.

I see it all the time… and it breaks my heart because I know how incredible this business model can be.

What I’m about to tell you about my success is NOT a guarantee that you’ll become an overnight success… or that you’ll also get on the path to where you’re knocking on the door of earning a million dollars from your blog… and I’m definitely not making any income claims or promises or anything like that.

A majority of people won’t even finish reading this page… let alone try out the step-by-step traffic and list growth plan I’m going to lay out for you.

That’s just the way it is.

But if you’re ready to find and attract those 1,000 TRUE FANS… the people who really resonate with your message… you will read every article you put out… who will share your stuff with their friends and families and communities… who will keep coming back to your stuff week after week because they align with your message and want to do everything they can to support you… then this is definitely going to be the most important message you’ve ever read.

The One Thing That EXPLODED MY Blog Traffic

It was 2015.

I had just quit my teaching job after three short years because I knew I wanted to be a blogger.
I wanted to create something special that would help people.

The only problem was, no one knew who the heck I was.

Why would they?

I didn’t have an email list. I didn’t have a Facebook page, I didn’t have any groups, I didn’t even know anyone else who blogged for a living.

I was literally starting from scratch.

So, I went down the rabbit hole of researching all the ways to get traffic to my *very* new blog.

And what I discovered was…

Blogging is really, really slow game. Most of the traditional growth strategies take a while.

Now listen, there are hundreds of strategies and tactics you can use to grow your blog.

And I’ll admit, I have not tried every single method for getting traffic ever created.

But I did make it a point to try a few popular methods.

Here’s the thing… they ALL work!

SEO is a great source of traffic.

Pinterest works incredibly well.

Guest posting can give you huge traffic spikes.

I could keep going on and on and on.

There was only one problem…

I Wanted To Be Able To Control My Blog Traffic… So My Success Didn’t Hinge On One Particular Traffic Source.

At the end of the day, it came down to WHO controlled my traffic.

I was on my own. I couldn’t count on a paycheck.

I couldn’t take a big risk, knowing that Google or Pinterest could change their algorithms without a moment’s notice.

I couldn’t risk my income on that.

So I started experimenting with some other traffic sources that would help me not only increase my blog traffic and grow my email list… but would also diversify my traffic sources, protect me from changes I couldn’t control, and give me a safety net in case one traffic source ever dried up (which happens more often than you’d think).

That’s When I Discovered This “Secret Weapon” Traffic Strategy That Made My Blog Traffic Explode Pretty Much Overnight... And Attracted Tens Of Thousands Of Loyal Readers

While I was messing around those first few months with all these different traffic strategies, I did manage to get some traffic.

I did get a few email subscribers here and there… even if it wasn’t quite as predictable and steady as I wanted it to be.

And I did manage to get a decent amount of pageviews and traffic spikes from time to time.
But then, I got a crazy idea…

I was helping out some other business owners I knew with their lead generation.

We were using Facebook ads to generate leads, to book them appointments… and to make them sales.

And it was working really well.

The coolest part was, they really didn’t have to spend a lot to make this happen.

Some of them we’re paying $1 per lead.

Which was not bad!

These were businesses with a pretty decently sized customer value, so for them… it made sense.
Now honestly, I hadn’t really made much money from my blog at the time.

I was still trying to get to the point where I was making a full-time income from my blog.

(Digital marketing is a great way to make money, but it wasn’t why I created the blog, remember?)

I wanted to help people figure out their student loans on a large scale.

And I was getting close, but I wasn’t over the hump just yet.

So, I figured maybe I should start promoting my blog with...

Facebook Ads

Pretty crazy idea, right?

Why pay for traffic? Who does that?

But… I knew from experimenting with my clients that they would work.

I started to figure out simple ways to bring more traffic and grow my audience with FB ads.

After a little while of testing this new traffic strategy out...

It Started Working Faster Than Anything I’d Tried Before…

After my first few experiments using Facebook ads to send traffic to my blog, here’s what happened…

I was able to get my “cost-per-click” on one of my posts down to $0.02.



One penny per eyeball.

Think about that for a second.

I was spending $1 per day on ads. That was it.

And with that one dollar, I was able to send about 50 people per day to my blog. Of course, this number varied slightly from day to day.

Now, the average “cost-per-click” for regular Facebook ads for a “normal” business today is nearly $2

But I was able to create some ads that got clicks for $0.02.

(Sure, some cost a little more… some of them cost me $0.04-$0.05 per click, depending on the ad. But still… it was sustainable!)

After a month of this, I realized that I could literally spend $30 and have 1,500+ people come to my site.

That’s 1,500 NEW people every single month. For $1 a day.

People who had a real, personal interest in what I was writing about… and a bond with my story and my content.

But here’s where things started to get really crazy…

A certain percentage of these 50 people every day signed up for my email list. Some of them commented on my blog. Some of them shared my stuff with their friends. Some of them even wrote to me to tell me how much they loved my stuff.

It was nuts!

Pretty soon, I realized that only spending $1.00 per day was NOT ENOUGH. And I started pumping more money in.

Soon, I started spending $5.00 per day.

That $5.00 per day was so easy to recoup. So I was spending ~$150 per month… and my affiliate income and ad revenue quickly grew.

And now I was able to drive ~250 brand new readers to my blog every single day. That’s over 7,500 readers/month… every single month.

If you’re doing the math, that’s over 90,000 NEW people - who had never been exposed to my content before - per year.

90,000 people who were now sharing, interacting and engaging with my content in ways that had NEVER happened before.

90,000 people who would have NEVER found my stuff unless I found a way to put my ads in front of them.

Real… living… breathing… people.

People who cared.

People who wanted to come back for more.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking right now…

“Hey Bobby, good for you. I personally don’t wanna spend money on running ads to my blog… and quite frankly, I don’t think I should have to!”

I used to have that very same mentality.

What I’m talking about with Facebook ads is not the normal advice you hear for growing a blog.

“Optimize for Google, create content for Pinterest, and be patient!”

And again… my elite blogging friends that give this advice aren’t wrong.

They’re right - Google and Pinterest work extremely well and should absolutely be part of your strategy, but they take time. I didn’t have time to wait.

I knew that I needed people to see my stuff quickly. If no one saw my stuff, how would they ever know I was blogging every single week?

Traffic is the LIFEBLOOD of a blogging business.

Without it, you’re dead in the water.

And if you’re really adamant about NOT paying for traffic, that’s perfectly fine. You can stop reading right now.

But before you do that, I figured I should share…

The Real Secret Why Using Facebook Ads To Grow Your Blog Works So Well

Facebook is one of the fastest growing and most valuable ad platforms in the world.

They have 2.23 billion active users. There are only 3.2 billion people with internet access. Which means more than ⅔ of the world’s active internet users are on Facebook.

On top of there being a massive amount of people with a virtually endless amount of interests in every topic you can imagine, the most laser-focused out of any ad platform ever.

Facebook has created an algorithm that uses AI to find people who are the “perfect fit” for the stuff you’re promoting.

They literally use the most powerful technology in the world to look at what you’ve created and say...

“Hey, you know who would really LOVE your stuff… these people right here. Let’s show it to them and get them to read it.”

Seriously. That’s how it works (in layman’s terms, of course).

So just to recap:

You publish great content.

You give Facebook a small amount of money.

They find people who already LOVE the kind of stuff you created… and they show it to them.

What do you think happens as a result?

Well… I’ll tell you.

You get the opportunity to start to attract raving fans.

Loyal readers.

And audience of people who say to themselves, “Wow… I’ve never heard of this guy/gal… but they publish some really cool stuff. I can’t wait to see what else they come out with. Maybe I should follow them.”

Once I found out how this whole thing worked, I said to myself…

“Why aren’t more bloggers doing this? Why don’t more people know how effective Facebook is for growing blogs?”

I’m not going to lie to you - my strategy for growing a blog is not conventional advice.

Other bloggers always wonder how I was able to grow M$M so quickly...but when I tell them that it was through Facebook...they almost don’t believe it.

Sometimes the conventional way isn’t the fastest way to do something, and I needed to grow my blog very quickly.

Also, in business, sometimes you have to zag while others are zigging, and that’s exactly what I did when I chose to focus on FB ads in the beginning.

The best part is that you can zag just like I did. It’s not that hard.

Here’s why FB ads work:

You’re not ramming weird ads down people’s throats.

You’re showing people information that Facebook already knows they’re interested in, and there’s a good chance that they’ll click it and engage with it.

No - it’s not conventional. It’s not what everyone else does in the beginning.

But I’m living proof that Facebook works for growing a blog. I bet my entire career on it...and won.

This will help you build an audience quickly.

This will help you grow an email list.

This will help you make money from your blog faster.

This will help you reach people with your message and change their lives.

If You Have $1, You Can Start Using Facebook Ads To Grow Your Blog. You Do NOT Have To Have Deep Pockets.

Seriously, all you need is a dollar to get started.

You have to remember - I was an ex-teacher without a job when I started this.

I did not start out spending money like crazy on FB ads.

I literally couldn’t afford to.

I started out spending $1 a day.

That’s $30 a month.

As a personal finance blogger, I can tell you that there’s a good chance you can make a few lifestyle changes and find that $30 to grow your business and achieve your goals.

If you’re already making money from your blog and want to turn up the traffic faucet all the way and really start scaling up, then you can always spend more.

But to get started, you can get targeted, relevant traffic for $1 a day.

And the best part is, when you’re using Facebook Ads to grow your blog, it only takes a few minutes to set up.

After you’ve set up these ads, you can get up… walk away from the computer… and know that brand new readers are finding your site for the very first time - around the clock, without you having to lift a finger.

It’s incredible.

The system I created literally brings you traffic and new email list subscribers, around the clock - even while you sleep - without you having to put any additional effort into the campaigns once they are up and running.

The Time To Take Advantage Of Using Facebook Ads To Grow Your Blog Is NOW. But It’s Not Going To Last Forever...


Platforms change.

And as more and more people start using them, costs go up.

Right now - at the time of this publication - I have ads that are getting “nickel-clicks.”

I am certain that this will not last forever. All good things (including platforms with low ad costs will come to an end).

But there is good news…

You still have a few good years left to take advantage of Facebook before they start really ramping up ad costs.

Since we originally created this course, FB ads haven't risen much in price.

That means you can still spend pennies on the dollar to attract raving fans and loyal blog readers.

This moment - right now - is still the land grab. This is the moment that people will look back on 5 years ago and wish they had jumped in when FB ads were cheap.

I’m Going To Lay Out The “Master Plan” For You Right Now For Exploding Your Blog Traffic To 40,000… 100,000…. Even 1,000,000+ Views A Year… While Attracting An Army Of Loyal Readers And Raving Fans

Are you ready for it?

Here it goes…

Step 1: Create awesome content.

Step 2: Pay for some ads so your content spreads all over Facebook.

Step 3: Have an opt-in form somewhere - ANYWHERE - on your site so people can sign up to see more of your stuff in the future.

Pretty simple, huh?

It’s almost too simple.

But before you go run off and create your first ad campaign, there’s a few things you should know…

There is a very deliberate strategy I’ve developed along with my business partner Mike Yanda for growing your blog quickly with Facebook ads.

You COULD try and figure it out all on your own… but it could take you months… even years of trial and error. And you could be spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars before you ever get a “winning” ad that’s attracting loyal readers at a super affordable cost-per-click.

We know there is a little bit of a learning curve here.

So instead of sending you off into the world to go and try to do this all by yourself, Mike and I have something that’s going to help you blow up your blog fast… and help you get more traffic and email list subscribers than you even know what to do with.

We’d like to introduce you to…

FB Ads for bloggers is a step-by-step course that shows you how to attract tens of thousands of new, loyal readers to your site for as little as $1 per day.

This is not some course that’s going to bog you down with a million different things to do.

My business partner Mike Yanda and I designed this course to help you grow your blog as fast as humanly possible using Facebook Ads.

Our goal is to help you grow quickly so that you can start making money while focusing on other traffic strategies.

Blogging is SO much easier once you get quick wins with FB ads.

We want to help you get past the 40,000… 100,000… even 1,000,000 unique views per year mark 2-5x faster than you could just by using organic methods of generating traffic.

You won’t ever have to go through the painful trial and error I had to experience figuring all this stuff out on my own.

You can start growing your blog TODAY…

… and one week from now have HUNDREDS of new readers for as little as $7!

And you can repeat this process as often as you’d like.

Here’s What Life Looks Like After FB Ads For Bloggers

Here’s a short list of some of the amazing benefits that can happen if you start growing your blog traffic and email list using Facebook ads…

  • Your email list starts growing by dozens, maybe even hundreds of people every single day.
  • You have a consistent flow of traffic every single day of the year.
  • You won’t battle traffic spikes and dips that crush your confidence.
  • Every piece of content you sponsor automatically gets seen by more people.
  • More people start sharing your content with their friends and networks.
  • The chances of your content going viral shoots through the roof.
  • You’re able to monetize your blog quickly.
  • You have a growing email list of traffic you “own” that you can direct to any piece of content or offer you want anytime you want it.
  • You start getting two or three times… maybe even ten times as many clicks on your affiliate links… and start earning much bigger commission payments every month.
  • You become more well known in your industry as your reach grows.
  • You finally stand out from the thousands of other bloggers who are writing about a similar topic… people start following YOU, instead of them and form a bond with you, your story and your brand.
  • Other bloggers start to come to YOU for advice on how you’re growing so quickly.
  • You have an audience who’s hungry for solutions to their problems… which allows you to create courses like I have and generate more revenue.

Here's what's included in

Module #1


You'll Learn...

  • Quick Start Guide: An in-depth breakdown of everything you need to do to get the most out of this course so you can start blowing up your blog traffic fast.
  • Why FB Ads?: Mike Yanda and I break down why Facebook ads are such an effective strategy for bloggers, comparing it to other common traffic sources bloggers use including Google, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • How to use this course: This course is different than any other you’ve ever taken. We’ve designed our system in a way that’ll help you start seeing results from Day 1. Make sure you watch this module BEFORE you start going through the rest of the course.

Module #2

Psychology of Facebook ads

You'll Learn...

  • The Mindset of Traffic: An explanation of what sets Facebook traffic apart from other traffic sources, and what you can expect from your new readers.
  • Traffic Temperature and Why It Matters: What does cold traffic mean? How do you warm them up and turn them into paying customers?
  • The Stages of a Funnel - Awareness/Engagement/Conversion: Have you ever wondered how funnels really work? We show you exactly how to utilize funnels with your Facebook ads.

Module #3

Facebook Ads 101

You'll Learn...

  • How to find ads manager: A walk through of how to get into FB ads, how to use the ad manager, and the most important things to focus on. The ads manager is robust, but you won’t get lost thanks to this simple walkthrough.
  • Three levels of an ad campaign: There are 3 parts to an ad campaign - campaign objective, ad set, and ad.
  1. 1
    The campaign objective - this is where you determine the goal of the ad and tell FB how you want the algorithm to optimize for results. This is the most important decision you make when creating an ad. If you get this wrong, it's like setting the rudder of your ship in the wrong direction.
  2. 2
    The Ad set - this is where you choose targeting, location, budget, and optimization. This section determines how much you spend, who you show your ad to. Choosing the right targeting and settings has a huge impact on how good of results you get.
  3. 3
    The Ad - this is where you choose the images, words, buttons, etc. that make up the creation of the ad itself. This module focuses heavily on the 3 sections, their functions, common mistakes, best practices, and how it all works together. This module is crucial because you learn about the #1 mistake that people make when creating Facebook ads, and the most important things to watch for at each level of the ad creation process.
  • The Golden Rule: It’s common for marketers to test different ads against each other to get the best results possible... but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Most marketers run tests the wrong way. If you follow our simple golden rule, you’ll quickly find the best performing ads and your tests will lead to campaigns that get results for 70% less than what your competitors are paying.
  • Boosting Posts vs. Ads Manager - Why using the boost post button is one of the biggest reasons people get poor results using Facebook ads, and what you should do instead to make your ads profitable.

Module #4

The Pixel

You'll Learn...

  • The Pixel: What a Facebook pixel is… and why it’s key to getting amazing results with your ads. This is also one of the most misunderstood parts of using Facebook ads… but once you get this right, it unlocks a ton of cool new features that result in lower cost leads and much better results. Plus… How to install the pixel. This takes about 2 minutes to do… but it allows you to retarget customers who come to a website. (That means lower ad costs and more leads.) But… as simple as this is, if you get this wrong, your retargeting campaign is dead in the water. You’ll have no doubts how to do this after watching this module.

Module #5


You'll Learn...

  • Facebook Ad Targeting Options: This part of the course describes each of the different types of audiences you can target - interest/behavior based, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences - and teaches you how to leverage the most powerful targeting options and smartest AI of any advertising platform in the entire world. THIS is where you learn how to attract raving fans and loyal followers.
  • Size Matters: In this video Mike Yanda dives into the many reasons that the size of your audience can have a major influence on the performance of your campaigns, and why bigger audience sizes tend to win with the way that the algorithm is currently set up.

Module #6


You'll Learn...

  • Unicorn Strategy: My signature strategy for identifying my top performing blog posts using Facebook’s Analytics Tool. This is the exact process that I use to find posts that I know will crush it with FB ads, test them for free, and start driving tons of traffic.
  • Perception Marketing: The secret Facebook ads loophole that Mike stumbled upon when talking to one of his clients that led to $0.02 clicks to a blog post. The best part… he’s been able to use this loophole over and over again, across multiple industries with similar results.
  • Promoting Facebook Page Post: We break down the two methods for promoting your business page’s most successful posts so that you can get more eyeballs on your winning content, fast.
  • These three strategies form the core of this system… and lead to massive traffic explosions for your blog.

Module #7


You'll Learn...

  • How To Grow Your List On The Cheap Using Facebook Ads - Learn Mike’s signature strategy for rapidly growing his clients email lists at costs that consistently BEAT industry benchmarks.
  • Installing the Pixel - The simple step-by-step process for installing the Facebook pixel code on both WordPress and Clickfunnels so that you can get the most out of your Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Demystifying Event Optimization - Most of us aren’t tech wizards and the mere thought of “coding” can send us into cold sweats. In this video we simplify the concept of the pixel and event optimization so that you can easily, and confidently, optimize your conversion campaigns for incredible conversion costs.

Module #8


You'll Learn...

  • Blog Copy That Drives Clicks: I share my approach to writing Facebook posts that compel readers to click on the link and head over to the blog for the real stuff.
  • Headline Writing Strategies: Our personal copywriter and good friend Chris Orzechowski joins us to share his strategies for crafting effective headlines that drive up the percentage of people clicking through to read your blog.
  • The Perfect Lead Magnet Copy Template: After years of list building for clients and bloggers all over the world, Mike has perfected an ad copy template that works every damn time to get readers to sign up for your email list, even if they have never heard of you... at a super affordable cost per subscriber.

Module #9


You'll Learn...

  • The Baseball Player Method: The $1/day testing strategy that sends a boost of traffic, likes, and shares to every blog post you publish, while identifying clear winners for the Unicorn Method with pinpoint accuracy.
  • The Computer Nerd Method: Take a tour of Facebook’s Audience Insights & Analytics Tool and learn how to interpret the data to predict which posts will become great ads based on the data from organic posts on your Facebook page.
  • The Mad Scientist Method: Learn a proven formula for split testing ads and finding high performers that drive floods of traffic by experimenting like a mad scientist.

Module #10


You'll Learn...

  • Optimizing Blogs: Learn the simple tweaks that you can make to your best performing blog posts to greatly increase the pages ability to generate leads… whether that’s growing an email list, increasing affiliate sales, or putting more eyeballs on your own sales pages.
  • Optimizing Landing Pages: There are a few things that all high-converting landing pages have in common. In this video we break down the most common mistakes that can kill conversions, and the simple changes you can make to skyrocket lead flow from the moment you launch your landing page.
  • CF Tutorial: A guided walkthrough of Clickfunnels, our favorite landing page software, and how to use it if you decide to start creating your own high-performance landing pages for your blog.

Module #11

Use Facebook Retargeting Ads To Skyrocket Course Sales and List Growth

You'll Learn...

  • Massive ROI: Learn the exact strategy we used to turn $73 in ad spend into over $27,000 in sales (not including bump offers and upsells) during our very first course launch.
  • Retargeting 101: Learn the basics of Facebook ad retargeting before deep-diving into our most effective (and profitable!) advertising strategies.
  • Copy That Converts: You have to write ads a little differently when running a retargeting campaign. Take an in-depth look at the ads we run during our course launches as well as ads we have run for some of our blogger clients.
  • Guided Walk-through: Get a behind the scenes look at our most effective campaigns as we walk you through exactly how to set up the same strategies for yourself to grow your email list on auto-pilot or get a massive return on your ad spend promoting courses and affiliate products.

Module #12


You'll Learn...

  • Next Actions: Mike and I talk about the tasks you should focus on after completing the course to start seeing immediate results.
  • The Tools We Use: A checklist of the tools we use on a daily basis for our blogs and inside of our agencies so that you know exactly what services and tech are worth your time.
  • The Blog Traffic Blueprint: Mike and I map out a crystal clear blueprint of what ad campaigns you should focus on... and in what order to start growing your blog with Facebook ads right away. This Blueprint starts with the essentials and then build on itself with layers so that you can implement everything right away, or know where to start so that your paid traffic strategy can grow as your blog does. THIS IS THE MASTER PLAN that can help you skyrocket your traffic, blow up your email list and finally get enough traffic so you can build a highly profitable blog.

This Course Sounds Really Great… How Much Does It Cost?

Mike and I were trying to figure out just how much we should sell this course for.

I mean, being that this one strategy is such a huge part of why I was able to build a seven-figure blog so quickly… I know this information is incredibly valuable.

So we thought $1,000 would be MORE than fair.

After all, when I was starting out if someone told me I could start getting thousands… even tens of thousands of loyal readers who love my stuff every single month on command - I would have paid almost anything they asked.

But while even at $1k, this course is well worth the investment… I knew a lot of bloggers are doing their damndest to save up and be smart with their money.

And I knew that shelling out $1,000 for anything… even a course like this, might cause some friction, stress and anxiety.

So… I decided to drop the price and make this a complete no-brainer decision.

So when you enroll in The FB Ads for Bloggers Course today… you’re not going to have to pay $1,000.

You’re not only going to pay anywhere close to that.

In fact, for a very limited time… you can enroll in the FB Ads for Bloggers course for only…





When You Join Today, You’ll Also Receive These FREE Bonuses:

Free Bonus #1


Value $197

In the last couple months, Instagram story ads have thrown their hat in the ring for the title of “Most Affordable and Effective Ad Campaign” available on the Facebook ads platform.

That’s right, not only are Instagram ads (whose parent company is Facebook) run on the exact same ad management platform as we teach in this course, but they are so effective right now that we are planning to invest heavily in Instagram traffic to kick off 2021.

And as much as we would love to keep these strategies to ourselves, we wouldn’t feel right holding back from our students, so we created a brand new course module all about Instagram ads.

The good news is that they are wicked easy to learn since you create them using the same methods we teach in the Facebook Ads For Bloggers course, but there are some very important distinctions that are exclusive to Instagram ads that you need to know to actually get results. From the images you choose to the words you right in the ad, you have to do things a bit differently with Instagram. But don’t you worry, we break it all down in this exclusive Bonus module.

Free Bonus #2


Value $67

If you run a Facebook group, then you already know how difficult it can be increase group membership. I don’t need to emphasize that struggle…

You’ve probably searched the far corners of the internet looking for strategies to grow your community, and tried dozens of strategies with mixed results. But with the help of a small, lower dollar ad campaign, you can sit back and watch your group grow day after day on autopilot.

In this exclusive bonus we share our simple strategies for growing your group with Facebook ads, and you’ll get this bonus training completely free when you join today.

Free Bonus #3


Value $67

You might be tempted to run Facebook ads to get more page likes, but that would be a big big mistake. Especially when there is a super simple method to get FREE page likes, while saving your ad budget for more important campaigns.

That’s why this bonus is so great.

You’re going to learn this easy method for growing your page likes, every single day, and the these page likes will be higher quality and more engaged than the ones you would get from running a “like” campaign.

The process is so simple that you’ll be able to do it in just a few minutes each week, you can even outsource it to your VA if you have one!

The best part is that regular use of this strategy will actually boost the organic reach on your business page, making every post more valuable and increasing your blog traffic.

Free Bonus #4

Email Marketing Strategies To Increase Affiliate Sales

Value $167

Ever wonder how the BIG bloggers always seem to make so many affiliate sales? Sure, a larger list helps. But it’s not just about size, it’s all about what you do with it.

Good email marketing strategies will greatly increase click through rates in your emails resulting in greatly increased traffic to the offers you are promoting, and most importantly, a higher percentage of sales.

In this exclusive one hour training Mike and I break down simple best practices for getting the most out of your email marketing during an affiliate promotion. You’ll learn our entire launch methodology, including how many emails to send to get the most sales while reducing unsubs and keeping your list happy. We also break down a simple copywriting formula that we use every time we send an email to increase open rates, engagement, click through rates, and sales in a way that has our list members replying about how much they love our emails.

If you want to learn how to write emails that increase affiliate sales, or even sales of your own products, while still preserving your relationship with your audience (the most important thing), then make sure you join today to get access to this exclusive bonus.

Free Bonus #5

Messenger Bots 101

Value $147

This bonus is for bloggers that want to be using the most cutting edge strategies to grow their blog traffic and revenue.

Facebook Messenger Bots came onto the scene a couple years ago and have since changed the game. With 90% or better open rates, massive 50% click through rates from these simple automated messages you can get more eyeballs on your content and offers than ever before.

The best part is that top messenger bot software is completely FREE and amazingly easy to use.

This mini-course walks you through how to set up your messenger bot with our favorite free software and start using it in minutes. You’ll learn multiple methods to grow your messenger subscribers and how to send simple broadcast messages to send traffic to your latest content.

If you’re a newer blogger, a messenger bot allows you to make the most of the assets you have by reaching a greater percentage of your audience with the high open rates, and as you grow you can start implementing advanced automated sequences to increase engagement and sales. You won’t find this type of training in most Facebook ads courses...but you’re going to get this bonus completely free when you join today.

Free Bonus #6

One Free Month Of Personal Coaching Inside Our Laptop Empires Coaching & Support Community

Value $47

As part of this course, I’m going to be giving you one free month inside our Laptop Empires Coaching community. This is a private FB group exclusively for our students. Once inside, Mike and I will help you work through each step of the system, give you support and feedback, and give you daily advice and feedback on how to go about driving more traffic to your blog.

We believe getting monthly coaching and feedback is absolutely crucial for your success. Especially when you’re first starting out.

Although this course is comprehensive, certain situations may arise where you need an expert to turn to who can guide you to success.

The good news is, as soon as you join, we will take you under our wing and we’ll help you go through every single step of the process…. So it’s almost impossible to mess up.

So, when you’re not sure what affiliate product to drive traffic to… or if you’re having trouble figuring out what lead magnet you should test… or if you have a specific FB ad question that you don’t know the answer to… we’ll be there to help you that very same day.

Plus… here’s what’s really cool.

Some people are worried about “What happens after the first free month… I don’t want to be paying $47/month for the rest of my life.”

Well, you won’t be.

And, even if you did want to stay in for a long time (especially once you see the kind of money you can make when your blog starts generating revenue while you sleep) we made it super-affordable for you to do so.

What would happen if you used these strategies and our personalized support to get even 250 brand new readers to your blog every single day?

Remember, that's how I started out (with very little cash invested in ad spend). 

250 brand new readers a day turns into over 90,000 NEW people per year.

How much could you potentially earn in ad revenue and affiliate commissions if you had 90,000 new people per year visiting your site, buying your products, and clicking your affiliate links?

How much more quickly could you make that happen if you have access to coaching from someone who has already done it?

Compare that to the microscopic monthly investment for the personalized coaching, guidance, support and feedback you get from both of us every single day.

It’s a no-brainer decision.

So, remember...

You’ll automatically be granted access to this group as part of your enrollment. If you decided you’d like to stay in the group after your free month, you can do so for just $47/month and get all the help, support, coaching, feedback and accountability you need.

However, if you just want to invest in this course and do everything on your own… simply let us know and we will cancel your membership at any time with no hassles.

You can still keep the entire course for the rest of your life.

But what if it doesn’t work for me?

Mike and I both believe that if you create great content and follow the strategies that we lay out in the course, that you’re going to be able to see an immediate increase to your blog traffic. And not only will it be an immediate increase to your traffic, it will be consistent, because Facebook Ad traffic is like turning on a garden hose. Once you turn it on, it just keeps pumping until you turn it off.

But you’re still not sure if this course is right for you, then you should know that you’re protected by…

Our 30-Day
100% Money Back Guarantee


Simply Watch All The Modules, Follow All Our Walkthroughs, Test All Of Our Strategies… And If You Show That You Did All The Work And It Still Didn’t Work For You… Then Just Let Us Know And We’ll Happily Refund Every Penny You Paid For This Course.

You’ll notice that this is NOT one of those super-generous no-risk guarantees where you can buy the product and then refund five minutes later after you complain that it didn’t work.

If you’re planning on buying this and then refunding it the very next day, then don’t even bother…it’s just not right for you.

I realize that ultimately we’re going to lose a lot of potential customers…but that’s OK.

We ONLY want people who are motivated to enroll in this course, learn something new, and blow up their blog traffic.

We ONLY want people who are actually going to go through the course and do the work necessary to get results.

That’s why if you get this course and prove to us that you went through the entire thing… and if for some reason it still didn’t work, then we’ll gladly refund you.

But if you’re going to throw this course on a credit card, get in a fight with your significant other about it, and then refund 20 minutes later, then please do not even bother. It’s just not for you.

"Bobby is amazing at Facebook ads! He did a consulting session with me to teach me about Facebook ads for my blog and courses, and it was extremely helpful. He is the master of Facebook ads and it's amazing how much he's grown in just a short amount of time. I'm hoping to follow in his footsteps, and I'll be using the strategies he taught me to increase my blogging revenue this year!"

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner / Creator of Making Sense of Cents

"Bobby knows more about growing a blog with FB ads than anyone I know. At a time when everyone is calling themselves an expert, Bobby is the real deal. He'll help you build an audience, and more importantly, he'll show you how to make money doing it!"

Grant Sabatier / Author of Financial Freedom and the Creator of Millennial Money

"Working with Bobby and Mike has been instrumental for the growth of our online business. By incorporating Facebook ads into our marketing plan, we were able to increase our online sales as well as grow our email list quickly. With an ad spend just shy of $3,100 over a 4 day span, we were able to bring in an additional 94 course online sales (which resulted in nearly $28,500 of revenue)!"

Kristin Larsen / Creator of Believe in a Budget and Co-Creator of Pinterest Virtual Assistant

“It can take years to organically grow blog traffic and if you are looking to monetize your blog, the sooner you can grow your traffic the better. My challenge has been that I was spending countless hours on social media promoting my blog posts with good but not great results. I knew I needed to do something to get more eyes on my work that didn't require so much of my time each day. I have followed Bobby’s blog for quite some time and when he launched Facebook Ads for Bloggers, I knew this was what I needed to take my blog to the next level.

The course makes Facebook ads so easy to understand and implement. The first Facebook ad I ever ran for my blog after taking the course is still running and has been getting me an average of 5 cent clicks for months.

The additional income that is coming in now instead of a year from now due to my increased traffic made the course and ad spend well worth the investment. This course truly helped me turn my blog into a business that can continue to scale and grow. If you’re considering taking the course, don’t hesitate! Just do it.”

Miranda Schultz / Creator of The Plus Life Blog

“The traffic for my site was bad, really bad. My site was basically a failure, and I wanted to try just one last thing. I got the Facebook Ads For Bloggers course and tried just a few of the things recommended and it changed everything.

With the help of this course, I was able to get my traffic to over 5,000 views a month (where before I was getting around 800) for very little money and effort. Not only that, but my Facebook likes increased, I gained a ton more email subscribers, and made the cost of the ads back in Adsense, affiliate sales, and new clients. I really cannot recommend this course enough for those who are trying to grow their blog or get it to the next level.”

Tyler Philbrook / Creator of I Am The Future Me

Here’s Why You Need To Order RIGHT NOW!

There are 152 million blogs on the internet.

And more hundreds more are being created each and every single day.

It is harder than ever to stand out.

Every space is crowded.

And you need an edge.

This course can be your edge.

Facebook ads can be your secret weapon.

If you truly believe your stuff is good… and if you truly believe that building a successful blog is going to reward you with the kind of lifestyle you always wanted… then it’s time to go all in and learn how to really make this happen.

I made a decision to invest in myself a long time ago. I made a decision to invest in my blog because I believed in it.

People told me I was crazy.

But after seeing what I’ve been able to do with my blog over the past few years...they don’t call me crazy anymore. They ask me how I did it, and they’ll ask you, too.

Now, you may be concerned about the cost of running paid traffic... But what is the cost of never learning how to do it?

There are literally millions of Facebook users out there right now waiting for someone like you to share your content with them.

They’re waiting to see the perfect affiliate product.

The perfect blog post to keep them motivated.

The perfect community to join.

The perfect course to help solve their problem.

And yes, it will cost just $1 per day to get access to them…

...but you have to understand that paid traffic is an investment in your business.

It’s an investment in your email list.

It’s an investment in your brand.

It’s an investment in your courses.

It’s an investment in your mission and continued success as a blogger.

And all it takes is $1 a day to start investing.

Just imagine the ROI of learning how to use paid traffic to achieve fast and steady growth.

And then, imagine the missed opportunity of never attempting to use paid traffic to grow your blog.

If you’re ready to take your blog to the next level by learning how to effectively, affordably, and strategically use Facebook ads… Mike and I can help you get there.

We hope you make the right decision.

See you inside,

P.S. - When it comes to using FB ads to grow a blog, there’s one thing that literally doesn’t matter at all:

How long you’ve been blogging.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the game or making six-figures per year.

Mastering paid traffic will help you grow exponentially (and ultimately make more money blogging).

For newer bloggers - paid traffic gives you the quick wins and allows you to make progress in the short-term, while focusing on long term projects like Google traffic.

If you’re an established blogger - this is your opportunity to diversify your traffic.

We ALL know how stressful it can be when you realize that a single algorithm change could drastically change your business.

Paid traffic on Facebook allows you to diversify and protect your blog.

It’s essentially an insurance policy.

As a personal finance blogger... I can tell you that both diversification and insurance are extremely important. 🙂

So either way, new or old, FB ads are the next step for your business.

If you’re on the fence, allow me to give you the final push you need:

One dollar a day spent on Facebook ads comes out to $365 a year. That could literally bring you thousands of brand new people to your blog every single month (if done correctly) - many of whom could fall in love with your content, your style, and your brand.

You can either continue to do what you’re doing.

Ignore paid traffic while you watch other bloggers master it and exponentially grow their brands.

Or, you can jump on this opportunity and take your blog to the next level.

The choice is yours.

My life changed forever the day I became committed to using FB ads to grow my blog. And I think it could change your life too.

Get started today:

P.P.S. - There’s one last thing I want you to remember:

This is a course made by a professional blogger, for other bloggers.

I actively run Millennial Money Man every day and reach thousands of readers per month using Facebook ads.

The strategies I’m going to share with you in FB Ads for Bloggers are the exact ones that I use on my own site every single day to get new readers and email subscribers (and ultimately generate more revenue).

I’m putting my money where my mouth is and pulling back the curtain of a seven figure blog.

There’s one other thing...

I understand how intimidating it is to approach a new platform as a blogger.

Every new thing you do in blogging seems like another mountain that you have to climb.

You feel like you have to absolutely master Pinterest, Google, Facebook, email, affiliate marketing, and all of the other avenues that exist to grow your site.

It’s hard to stay focused on strategies that you’ll actually have time to implement.

Trust me. I’ve been there.

That’s the exact reason I’ve created a course that is not going to overwhelm you.

I DO NOT want you to take this course, learn a ton about Facebook ads, and then feel so lost in all of the information that you don’t actually take action.

I put my former-teacher hat on, dug deep into my education degree, and developed a course with focused advice and strategies that will lead to your success.

My #1 goal is to make sure that you actually get results from Facebook ads and don’t waste your time and hard-earned money.

I’ve pulled every lesson-planning skill I know from my teaching career to make this easy for you to implement.

So if you know that you want to diversify your blog traffic…

...and you know that you want to bring new readers and revenue streams to your site…

...then it’s time to let me show you exactly how I use Facebook ads every day with my own blog.

See you soon,

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