Thinking about starting a Facebook advertising agency? If you’ve got the skills to run Facebook ads or you’re interested in learning, this article is for you.

More businesses than ever are turning to social media networks like Facebook to reach their customers. It’s becoming a staple in the advertising world and as the owner of a Facebook ad agency, you’ll be closing the gap for small business owners. You will be helping businesses reach their customers using Facebook.

This is the perfect business to start because:

  • It’s flexible: You can create your dream work schedule, work where you want, and craft the business exactly how you like.
  • You will be the boss: No more reporting to a supervisor here. You will be in charge, making all the decisions, and escaping the micromanagement that exists in many 9 to 5’s.
  • There is unlimited income potential: There are no ceilings on how much money you can make. Starting out, an income of $1,000 to $2,000 is definitely within reach, with the ability to grow your income from here, to no limit.
  • You can scale this business: Scaling your Facebook advertising agency means you can grow your business, expand the team, make more money and help more people.

What is a Facebook Advertising Agency?

A Facebook advertising agency is a company that helps businesses with their marketing efforts using Facebook ads.

Your tasks will include doing things like:

  • Writing Facebook captions
  • Create Facebook ad campaigns
  • Manage your client’s social media
  • Develop advertising strategies
  • Analyze data and reporting
  • Admin duties like emails, answering phones, etc.

You will be managing Facebook ads for your client and helping them grow their business.

Who are Your Clients?

Your clients can include a variety of different businesses including solopreneurs, service-based and product-based retailers, brands, non-profit agencies, public community organizations like schools, libraries, etc.

Just about every business in every niche can benefit from Facebook ads, including niches like:

  • Health and wellness
  • Dentistry
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Podcasters
  • Bloggers
  • Attorneys
  • Retailers
  • Grocery stores
  • And, more!

Bottom line, if your client is looking to grow their business and reach more customers, you can help them with Facebook ads.

When it comes to picking what clients to work with, you can take one of two approaches:

  • Work with everyone
  • Work with niche-specific companies

Working with everyone can sound like an opportunity to make a lot of money and gain tons of business. However, when you work with every industry, it’s difficult to become an expert in one field. Instead of perfecting your strategies for a particular niche, you’re spreading yourself thin across multiple areas.

Picking one niche to focus on is what I recommend. If you can pick one niche to focus on, it gives you the opportunity to become really good at identifying those client’s customers.

Choose one industry to serve and those companies will serve as your target market.

Requirements to Start a Facebook Advertising Agency

Here are some of the requirements to starting a Facebook Ad Agency:

  • Internet access and computer
  • Two to three hours per week (or more)
  • Solid understanding of Facebook ads

The first two, are a given. You’ll need access to the internet, along with access to a device like a computer, tablet, or smartphone so you can run your business. And of course, you’ll need time to dedicate to this project, about two to three hours per week is needed.

Then, you’ll need a good foundation and knowledge of Facebook ads.

You should know how Facebook ads work, how to run Facebook ad campaigns, effective strategies to deploy for your clients, etc.

If you aren’t too savvy with Facebook ads or you want to improve your body of knowledge, rest assured, there is a solution.

Getting The Proper Training to Run Facebook Ads Like a Pro

The Facebook Side Hustle course is a step-by-step plan that trains you on how to do Facebook ads for local businesses.

It goes beyond just teaching you Facebook ads.

You’ll learn ads for the purpose of running your own Facebook advertising agency so you can build a thriving business, acquire customers and create a sustainable income source for yourself.

For the training, you don’t need any prior experience and you don’t need a website.

Out of all the digital marketing services available, Facebook ads is one of the most highly requested services. It’s in demand, which is a great thing for you.

Once you have the knowledge to run Facebook ads for businesses, the sky’s the limit.

One of the creators of this course, Mike Yanda makes over $30,000/month running Facebook ads for businesses! And he does it while being a stay-at-home dad!

In the course you’ll learn:

  • How to set up Facebook ads for local businesses
  • How to find clients that will pay you for this service
  • What to say to get clients to say “yes”
  • And, more!

Learn more about what the FB Side Hustle Course has to offer

6 Steps to Launch Your Facebook Ad Agency

Once you have your base of knowledge for Facebook ads, follow these six steps to launch your own Facebook ad agency:

  • Creating your business plan
  • Getting your finances in order
  • Addressing the legalities
  • Staffing
  • Marketing

Creating Your Business Plan

One of the first steps you’ll do early on is business planning. Creating a business plan is important, as it lays out the roadmap to your business.

Your business plan will help you:

  • Identify your customers
  • Lay out your marketing plan
  • Define your business goals
  • Create a business strategy
  • Look at the short-term and long-term picture
  • Establish your niche
  • And, more!

Take your time with this.

It may feel overwhelming or daunting but, it’s important that you don’t skip it. It’s a critical part of growing and running a successful business.

Getting Your Financial Picture Straight

Starting a business will cost you money. While this business may not be super expensive, costs will definitely be involved and so, you’ll need to be prepared for that.

Make sure your finances are sound and can continue to support you and your family while you take on this project.

It also means getting your business finances in check.

  • Open business bank accounts
  • Talk to or get an accountant or bookkeeper

Review your options, make decisions, and then move on.

The Legal Stuff

The legalities will vary based on where you live. Research your area to see what permits/licenses are required to run a Facebook ad agency.

You’ll want to create a business form (sole proprietor, LLC, partnership, corporation, etc.).

One of the easiest ways to do this is with our favorite resource on all legal topics, LegalZoom.

LegalZoom makes it incredibly easy and stress-free to look into all the legal stuff for your business, like establishing an LLC and if it’s really needed for your business.

Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to a tax attorney or CPA for more complex questions. It’s always a good idea to have all your bases covered.

Staffing Plans

Next is staffing. The great thing about running your own ad agency is that you don’t necessarily need staff when you’re starting out.

It’s something to have in the back of your head when it’s time to scale your business. Add your plans for future staffing into your business plan.

This can include a virtual assistant for yourself, to help you manage operations, keep your business organized, etc. It could also mean adding other Facebook ad marketers that will work alongside you to your team, helping clients run Facebook ads for their businesses.

Marketing Your Agency

Marketing your services is about attracting the right clients for your agency. You want to focus on the target market you decided on during business planning.

Prospective clients can be acquired through a multitude of channels, like:

Your Personal Network: The first place to look for clients is your own personal network. This can include family and friends, associates, coworkers, etc. And, don’t forget people you mingle within the industry. These people may fall into your target market.

Social Media: Hop on social media and generate buzz. Don’t forget the other networks outside Facebook, like Instagram, Pinterest, and others.

Facebook Ads: With the skills you have, create Facebook ad campaigns for your own business. Facebook is an excellent place to generate leads.

With your marketing strategy ready, next it’s time to get clients.

Getting Clients

Getting those first client leads is a great feeling.

Think about your pitch, the onboarding process, how you will set your pricing, retainers, and more.

Welcome your clients to your Facebook advertising agency and start work!

The Final Word on The Easy Way to Start a Facebook Advertising Agency

Get excited! You are on your way to starting your own Facebook advertising agency. One of the best parts of the process is all the learning you’ll be doing along the way.

This will be an adventure and you’ll want to keep your skills sharp and stay abreast of the latest trends happening. The Facebook Side Hustle Course will allow you to do that.

The easy way to start a Facebook ad agency is all about following a plan which will bring your idea to fruition. Creating your business plan, checking in on your finances, addressing areas like the legal stuff, staffing and marketing can help you turn your dream into a reality.

Good luck!

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