SEO for Bloggers Review

SEO for Bloggers Review

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If you’re a blogger, SEO is something you are working on or at least thinking about, which is where the SEO for Bloggers course comes in. Read on to learn how this course can help you write epic content, optimize your site, and learn how to work with algorithms (not game them).

SEO is one of those blogging musts that either excites you or scares you. And terrified or not, it’s something you need to be aware of, especially since the landscape of SEO and what that means is constantly changing. “Blackhat” SEO, or SEO that was designed to get crappy pages to the top of Google, has taken a big hit in recent years as algorithms get better and better at detecting what “good content” really means – this is great news. Google has stepped up its game when it comes to association and context, meaning that ranking isn’t just about keywords anymore.

Even though most of the steps that search engines take are meant to optimize good, valuable content that is clearly labeled and actually helpful, how exactly do you ensure you are writing that content?

Well, MoneyLab’s Matt Gionvanisci has got you with one of the best courses we’ve ever seen on SEO for bloggers, aptly named “SEO for Bloggers.”

SEO for Bloggers Review

Matt takes the larger process of search engine optimization (SEO) and breaks it down into small, consumable pieces in the SEO for Bloggers course. SEO can feel complicated or overwhelming when you first get into it, especially if you assume it’s all tech stuff and that’s not your thing.

Matt makes it more approachable by teaching you SEO for bloggers by going through the process he used to get a website he owned ranking for a specific search term, “French Press.” He basically shows you the method to his madness. By the way, even though he sold that website (Roasty Coffee) a few years ago, the blog he uses as an example is still ranking high on page one.

Good content sticks around, and that’s what Matt teaches you in SEO for Bloggers.

A little about Matt Giovanisci and MoneyLab

If you’ve never heard of Matt, you’re not alone, but if you own a hot tub or a pool, it’s likely you’ve heard of his flagship website, Swim University. For over ten years, Swim University has been providing quality content and help to folks who have chosen to manage small bodies of water in their backyards. It was Matt’s first website, and it makes him over $200,000 a year, simply by existing.

Matt has a long track record of successful websites, ending right now in his current project, MoneyLab, which was built with the idea of sharing knowledge, which is obvious in the valuable content you’ll learn in SEO for Bloggers.

Matt’s completely ridiculous and irreverent attitude will impress some and turn others away, but he really knows what he’s doing. He’s been spending more time on YouTube these days, living the dream life while the rest of us pay him to tell us how to get there.

What will you learn from SEO for Bloggers?

Matt’s SEO course is set up in easily-consumable sections of around 10-15 minutes a piece. There are a few that stretch to 30 minutes or more, but they’re worth watching to the end. There are only 18 videos, three of which are “bonus” videos that show you a little more about his successful projects and how he got them to where they are today. That means you get 15 videos that all target different areas of SEO, from site structure to how you should be tracking growth. Here’s the outline:

  1. An Introduction to SEO (the video above)
  2. The Must-Have SEO Plugins and Software
  3. The Perfect SEO Site Structure
  4. Keyword Research and Competition Research
  5. How to Research and Make Content That Ranks
  6. How to Format and Optimize Content That Ranks
  7. Link Building and Off-Page SEO Strategies
  8. How to Track Your SEO Growth
  9. Optimizing Existing Posts with Google Search Console
  10. How to Perform a Content Audit
  11. Checking for Broken Links and 404 Pages
  12. How to Perform a Sitewide SEO Audit
  13. An SEO Checklist Sorted By Priority and Simplicity
  14. SEO Strategies to Avoid Like All Hell
  15. Additional SEO Resources

As you can see from that outline, there is a ton of stuff packed into SEO for Bloggers. Matt takes you from where you need to start (setting your site up for SEO), to researching terms, to writing epic content, to track, etc., etc.

SEO for Bloggers takes a holistic approach to SEO, which means every aspect you learn in this course is an important part of the whole concept. Naturally, you’ll probably find that some parts of SEO are more difficult than others. Not a great writer? Learn how to write better content that ranks in lessons five and six. Not good at an organization? Lesson 13 is for you. Is building an optimized site holding you back? Don’t miss lessons two and three.

Matt has a lot to teach and every section is going to give you something different. Make sure you have a notebook handy (Wait, are we old? What do the kids use for taking notes these days?) to record any data you might find interesting but probably won’t remember in an hour.

Good news, if you don’t remember something, you can always come back to it. If you want to just sit and watch this course before implementing anything, you could easily do that in a day (it’s a total of 6.5 hours of content). But, you will want to go back, and that will always be an option because SEO for Bloggers comes with lifetime access to the course.

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Real Results from the Course

There are a couple of bonus videos at the end of the course that gives you real-world examples of how Matt used his strategies to build huge audiences on three different websites: Swim University, Roasty Coffee, and Brew Cabin. Even though he sold Roasty Coffee for $55,000 a few years ago, he spent a significant amount of time building it, and his journey is fascinating. These videos are also great because you can tell his techniques work super well.

If you ever question his methods, just Google the terms he aimed to rank for, like “French Press” and “best brew kettles.” Matt got his site ranking for “best brew kettles” with no spend in promo and no backlinks, which is quite a feat. Best of all, the SEO for Bloggers course is $197. If you can apply his techniques to a website and get it ranking for a specific term in just a few months as he did, you can also sell that site for $55,000.

We’re not great at math, but we also know that’s a really, really big return.

If someone came up to you and said, “hey, give me two hundred bucks and I’ll give you a magic bean that will turn into $55,000 in three months,” and then showed you all of the success he’s had in the past and exactly how to get there, you should be all over that deal.

Or something like that, I think we got a little lost in the analogy.

In addition to the personal success Matt has had with his SEO approach, after taking the course and implementing the strategies, we’re seeing some returns here and on M$M. SEO is a multi-faceted process that takes working on your site and working on the way you write. You can’t, and shouldn’t, just stuff keywords in and cross your fingers. That’s just not good content. Matt teaches you a better way.

Laptop Empires Loves SEO for Bloggers

There isn’t a shortage of reasons for why this course is great, but let’s outline a couple of the best parts right here so that you get a feel for the goodness.

Matt’s hilarious. That isn’t going to be the most important thing about a course, but what good is information if you aren’t actually absorbing it? Matt does all the videos himself, and his sense of humor is off the charts. He does curse, make inappropriate jokes, and generally attempt to offend anyone who takes him seriously, but it means you won’t forget what you’re learning.

The examples are on point. During all of the videos, Matt’s perfecting his coffee website. This website is not just successful in theory, it’s a proven and direct result of his efforts. This is great because he’s not only showing you what COULD work, he’s showing you what HAS worked.

The ease of information. SEO for Bloggers throws a ton at you, and it throws it at you quickly. However, it’s easy to rewind, write things down, or pause, and Matt does a really good job at repeating real information when you need to hear it again and again.

The course shows your mistakes so you can learn more. SEO for Bloggers is a course for real people by a real person, and while he’s teaching you the magic behind his techniques, he’s also showing you where he previously made mistakes, and mistakes often teach us more than constant successes. The best part is that the mistakes he outlines are always REALLY easy ones to make, and by showing you his oopsies, he’s saving you tons of time.

These strategies in some form or another will always make sense. As long as Google continues its search for the ultimate content to rank, the strategies you learn in this course will apply. With a tweak here and there, you’ll keep seeing results from the information he shares – most of it is about writing excellent content with a friendly backend for search engine robots to map.

Where the course could use some improvement
Luckily, we don’t think there’s a lot to say here, and the things that we do have to say are because we know not every audience is like us:

Tone. Matt really is lighthearted and charming in his approach, but that might be annoying to people who are more “nose to the grindstone” kind of folks. He’s an acquired taste, and his flippant attitude can be distracting if you don’t think it’s funny.

Short on bonuses. While the bonuses you do get are fabulous, there isn’t a ton of extra content. The videos are worth every dollar, but there aren’t outlines, visuals, maps, or anything like that. You’ll have to just practice what he preaches and make your own tools if you need them.

Is SEO for Bloggers going to put money in my pocket or nah?

We say it all the time and we’ll say it again: get-rich-quick schemes are bull. End of story. Just like many of the programs, services, and courses that we use, SEO for Bloggers is a tool and a resource. If you apply it and take the time to apply it well, you’ll definitely see some serious dollars headed your way.

However, the strategy is going to take some intensive work. This isn’t an overnight magic pill. This is weeks or months or even years, depending on the niche and the goal, of work. One really amazing piece of “epic content” will only get you so far. Making sure you have the right plugins (if you use WordPress) will get you a little further, but it’s only the beginning of the journey. The strategies that you learn? They’re gold. But they’re just strategies. Apply ‘em and reap the benefits.

Question for you:

If you’re a blogger, where are you on SEO?

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