The 6 Best Side Hustle Podcasts of 2020


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Looking for suggestions for side hustle podcasts that will fire up your inner entrepreneur and inspire your hustle?

There are so many different kinds of side hustles these days — driving for a rideshare, running Facebook ads, online tutoring, working as a virtual assistant, starting a blog, etc. What they all share is that you’re finding new and creative ways to make money.

The traditional 9-5 job doesn’t cut it these days. Some don’t pay well, and others simply lack the flexibility you get with a side hustle. So instead of working on someone else’s schedule, you can make extra money on your own terms.

But side hustling is hard work! That’s even true if you have a strong motivating force, like paying off debt, saving for retirement, leaving your day job, etc.

When you’re feeling that strain, finding quality side hustle podcasts to nurture your inner hustler is sometimes the best medicine out there.

Okay, let’s be honest… good side hustle podcasts are incredibly motivating, whether you’re feeling the burn or still on a high. You might hear a wild story about how someone turned their side hustle into a six-figure/month business. You can learn how to improve your workflow, find clients, or laugh a lot about the ridiculous things people have tried to make their side hustle succeed.

Good side hustle podcasts share authentic stories from people just like you.

So, without further ado, here are 6 side hustle podcasts for your listening and hustling enjoyment!

6 Side Hustle Podcasts That Will Make You Want to Kick-Ass

1. The Laptop Empires Podcast

Laptop Empires podcast… oh hey, that’s us!

We promise we aren’t trying to toot our own horns. Okay… maybe a little, BUT THAT’S ONLY BECAUSE WE KNOW IT’S GOOD! The Laptop Empires podcast is hosted by our very own Mike Yanda and Bobby Hoyt, two side hustlers turned full-time entrepreneurs.

Mike started side hustling in law school, and after he graduated, he started running Facebook ads on the side of his full-time job as a lawyer. His side hustle income eventually started to earn more than his day job, so he quit to focus on his growing ad agency, which now brings in around $30k/month. Oh yeah, Mike does it all while working as a stay-at-home parent!

Bobby was a high school band director who quit his day job to pursue his blogging side hustle. He heard from countless naysayers who said he’d come crawling back, but Bobby persisted, and has been able to prove them all wrong. His site, Millennial Money Man, is now one of the most popular personal finance sites for millennials, and he’s now a Forbes contributor.

The point is… these guys have been there.

Their experience makes the Laptop Empires podcast the perfect combination of funny, entertaining and downright useful. It’ll get you pumped in the morning because let’s face it… a side hustle isn’t always flowers and sunshine. And sometimes coffee doesn’t do enough.

Bobby and Mike have been where you have been, and know hundreds who have too. If you want to learn how to stay married as hell, get through emotional turmoil during your business, and just completely rock your side hustle… join us.

The Focus

Mike and Bobby pull from their experience building blogs, online communities, and courses to give actionable strategies for every kind of side hustler. They also realize that all side hustlers are entrepreneurs, no matter what the job is.

No topic is too big or small for this laid back podcast that shares real stories from real side hustlers.

Recommended Episode

Episode 118 on the common struggles of entrepreneurs is pretty baller. Bobby and Mike share their experiences with procrastination, social anxiety, and a lack of patience.

2. Millionaire Mindcast

The Millionaire Mindcast is hosted by Matt Aitchison, who is a real estate investor, speaker and educator. Aitchinson runs The Rich Life Academy which is a real estate wealth building community.

This one of our favorite side hustle podcasts, and we have a bunch in our back pocket, starting with this gem. A lot of what goes into getting yourself pumped as an entrepreneur is remembering and knowing you have unlimited. Freaking. Potential. This side hustle podcast reminds each and every one of us each day about this and, for us personally, help us keep our focus.

The Focus

Staying focused, keeping your head in the game, and finding multiple ways to bring in the dough.

Recommended Episode

Are You Willing to Do Whatever It Takes? is a great episode to pump you up but also give you a good thought… or two… or three… about how much hustle you have in you, and how much more you may need.

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3. She Did It Her Way

She Did It Her Way is a podcast brought to you by Amanda Boleyn who spent two years working in corporate America before starting her full-time freelancing gig. Amanda is a serious boss lady who interviews other amazing female entrepreneurs to bring you wisdom in traditionally a male-dominated niche.

This podcast is on our list of entrepreneurial gold because Amanda is one of the most hard-working, badass people out there. Plus, we gotta prop up those female entrepreneurs. And gentlemen… you’ll benefit too, especially if you need a little confidence boost, so don’t shy away just because there’s a pronoun you don’t identify within the title. We promise she’s made of pure motivational hustle gold.

The Focus

This podcast is a little different because it’s organized into different categories: motivation, systems, marketing, taking the leap, mindset, and money. All of the categories are designed to help someone who is struggling in those categories, which, let’s face it — we all struggle in each one of those categories every day.

Recommended Episode

It Isn’t About Getting Perfect, It’s About Getting Started will help any entrepreneur that struggles with taking big steps. It focuses a lot on imperfect action, something we all have to learn to take when we become our own bosses.

4. The Side Hustle Show

The Side Hustle Show is one of the more mainstream podcasts on our list of side hustle podcasts, and it’s too damn good not to mention. Nick Loper has got some great information and some really interesting ways to bring in a buck or two, which is why we had to include him.

We might all be like, “Oh yeah, the money is on Facebook and Pinterest” and we’re not wrong, but there are a LOT of ways to make a buck. Get your creative juices flowing with The Side Hustle Show.

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The Focus

Side hustles. All sorts of side hustles. Red side hustles, blue side hustles, one side hustle, two side hustles. The show has covered side hustles from hosting walking tours, pet waste removal, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, and more.

Recommended Episode

How One Guy’s Flea Market Flipping Side Hustle Made Him 30k is super inspiring and a great intro to what the show is about.

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5. How I Built This

How I Built This is hosted by Guy Raz and explores stories behind some of the world’s best-known companies, some of which started as… you guessed it… side hustles!

It feels a lot like the TV show How It’s Made (we’ll be surprised if we’re the only ones that are obsessed with that show). This side hustle podcast, appropriately funded by NPR, is really awesome. You get to listen to all sorts of entrepreneurs that have successfully created businesses at a time of complete desperation. That desperation reasoning varies from episode to episode, all the way from divorced moms to people who were just sick of being aerospace engineers, which is why it’s SO cool.

The Focus

How I Built This is all about folks becoming better versions of themselves via business. That sounds kinda corny, but give an episode or two a listen and you’ll get why it’s on this list. As a bonus, these folks have made big bucks from their podcast, so that’s pretty motivational too.

Recommended Episode

Dell Computers: Michael Dell — did you know these computers were named after a dude? And did you know that dude was the youngest guy EVER on the fortune 500 list? No? You’ll want to listen to this episode then.

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6. Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

The Duct Tape Marketing podcast is hosted by John Jantsch, and it includes a number of inspiring rags-to-riches stories, which are all pretty motivating.

This entrepreneurial podcast has an extensive episode lineup stretching over a decade. They interview all sorts of people with all kinds of backgrounds, including the CEO of Hyatt, a successful hotel with a net worth of over nine billion dollars. While their podcast isn’t all about side hustle stuff, it has the wisdom that side hustlers can benefit from each and every day.

The Focus

Entrepreneurs and their sweet, sweet secret sauce they put on top of their success nuggets.

Recommended Episode

Work Simply with Carson Tate — this episode is all about embracing your personal production rituals and ways, and making the most of who you are and how you do things (why yes, 3 AM blogging IS productive, thank you very much).

Final thoughts on the best side hustle podcasts

No matter which podcasts you choose to listen to in the side hustle podcast niche, you’re going to find gems that straight-up light fires in your souls. When you find one like that, listen to it every day and make a plan towards executing the steps that will bring you success.

Put your blinders on and go get it so YOU can be a guest on one of these podcasts someday, talking about how YOU turned water to wine by listening to podcasts.


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