5 Of The Best Facebook Marketing Courses to Blow Your Mind


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Are you looking for the best Facebook marketing course out there?

Well… the best Facebook marketing courses are kind of hard to come by. Why? Not because of a lack of courses, but rather because there are just so dang many of them. How are you supposed to choose from hundreds of the suckers wandering around the web?

It’s a great question — which is why we think it’s time to answer it.

If you follow this blog, some of these courses will not come as a surprise to you. However, it’s always worth a look-see to see if there’s anything you’ve missed or that you’ve forgotten about. Or just, you know, ignored the first time you saw it (no judgment from us).

And unless otherwise noted, these are Facebook advertising courses. You’re also going to learn about a couple of extra over-the-top courses too, but that will be clear in the description.

Here are the best Facebook marketing courses available to (wo)man

The Facebook Side Hustle Course

This course from Laptop Empires (hey, that’s us!), is the best Facebook marketing course on the planet, in our obviously very humble opinion.

Actually, it’s not just our opinion… we know this course works because we’ve seen it work time and time again, and we have the social proof to back that up:



Price: $497
Length of Course: 15+ hours and continued support
What You’ll Learn: How to manage Facebook ads on Facebook and Instagram, how to write copy, how to split test, how to find leads, how to organize said leads, in addition to all kinds of extra goodies for client acquisition and help with nichin’ down.

Overview of the Facebook Side Hustle Course

The goal of our course is to keep things simple and go one step at a time, because there are a lot of complicated parts of running Facebook ads. So, the Facebook Side Hustle course is formatted with that kind of stuff in mind, including modules to teach you everything from top to bottom. Here’s what you’ll get with the Facebook Side Hustle Course:

Module #1

Module 1 is more of an orientation than anything, but if you’ve ever been to a job orientation or something of the sort, you know how important it is that you attend (less you get confused and lost on your first day).

You’re going to learn what Facebook is, how it works, and its ads platform, in addition to:

  • Why clients are gonna want to use Facebook ads (hint: you can pass this information on to your clients!)
  • How a person like you can generate leads for clients
  • How to use Facebook’s ad platform (and Business Manager, that contains the Ad Manager)
  • What a sweet ad looks like
  • Where to put your ads
  • The autonomy of the ad campaign levels — this is a BIG ONE!
  • How to perfect your targeting

And because we’re overachievers, this course does more than talk about what Business Manager is and puke up (gross) some instructions on how to make a good ad. So…

Module #2: The Funnel

This starts with some basic stuff that while you probably know, you should relearn to teach your clients. Remember, this course teaches you how to deal with ads and how to create them, but also how to run them for other people to make some dollar bills.

This module features:

  • What’s a funnel? Why do we care about funnels?
  • Where your client comes from and where you want them to head (and how to get them to head that way)
  • Leads, conversions, and lead form conversions (these are types of ads), add how to set them up on AND off Facebook
  • Landing pages and how they’ll completely change your life

You think you’re done? NO. You’re never done. You’re a hustler now. #WelcometoTheFam

But seriously, because this is the best Facebook marketing course, there is much more! You haven’t even gotten to the meaty part yet, and there are still so many things you’ll learn in this course.

Check out the Facebook Side Hustle Course

Module #3: The Ad

  • Time to learn about the ad’s campaign objectives!
  • Targeting and HOW to find the right targeting
  • Images, pictures, and why you should never use stock images
  • Copywriting and how important it is in getting people to take action (this course has so much about the importance of copy because a good copy is going to make your ads shine!)

We learned copywriting skills from one of the best, Chris Orzechowski, and you can catch some of his wisdom in the article 5 Email Subject Line Formulas That Actually Work (From A Guy Who Writes Them For A Living).

Want to know what makes a Facebook ad a GREAT Facebook ad? Check out 7 Examples of Great Facebook Ads and Why They Work.

Module #4: Facebook Assets

  • THE PIXEL. Facebook has its own tracking software, and it comes to you in the form of a teeny tiny piece of coding that will legit save you serious moola. But it also can make you serious moola. Basically Pixel = $$$. You’ll learn all about the Pixel in this section.
  • Events, custom conversions, and how they work with the Pixel — more technical stuff you’ll want to know about the Pixel. (remember, Pixel = $$$, so the more you know about it, the better).

Learn more at Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Ad Specs.

Module #5: Walkthroughs, AKA Mike & Bobby, are you done talking yet?

Short answer to your question up there is no, but you won’t be upset about that, because this section is all about Facebook marketing nuggets of knowledge. You’re going to start seeing why we (and others) think this is the best Facebook marketing course available.

You’ll learn valuable things like:

  • Creating your campaign! It’s time to put all of the newly learned knowledge to good use. Good news is you’re going to know how to do it by the end. Bad news is that it might take a second. It’s worth the time, and this course includes thorough instructions to walk you through everything.
  • Creating your first LEAD GEN campaign! You’re going to learn about some really important differences between the lead gen campaigns and the conversion campaigns, and how you should set up both.

Module #6 & #7, & #8: The Gravy on Top

  • You’re going to learn about some less intuitive golden rules in this module that can lower your costs and still make your bank.
  • Think you can just double the budget of your ad overnight? THINK AGAIN by listening to one of the lessons in this module.
  • Getting all of your set-up ducks in a row, including teaching you to navigate the very helpful but annoyingly complicated Business Manager
  • Troubleshooting because… everyone sometimes has problems. We gotchu. There is some serious time spent on troubleshooting issues in this course.

A note on troubleshooting:

There are some problems that you (and we) simply cannot anticipate, and that’s okay. Facebook changes pretty much every day, and it’s impossible to keep up with it all.

But, that’s why you’re dropped into our hustler tribe after you join the course — this is our amazing Facebook Side Hustle Course community.

This is a cultivated group of problem solvers JUST for you. You can learn from the queen of the $5k club (the first person to hit $5,000 a month in Facebook ads income), other seasoned digital marketers, newbies, marketers in a variety of niches, and the course creators.

This group has experts that give you some input and our students are nothing short of the best group of people you’ve met.

So trust us when we say you’ll find a solution to your issue. You’ve got over 500 people watching out for you — and this includes troubleshooting less than optimal clients.

Module #9: $$$$

  • How to sniff out your next couple of clients
  • What niches you should be looking at
  • How to get paid
  • How to onboard new clients
  • How to get ‘em to keep payin’

But, there’s more…

Shiny, shiny bonuses. Shinier than an envelope full of… nothing, she doesn’t look very surprised.

The Best Bonus, aka #1

This is the FB Side Hustle community. Only people who buy the course are allowed in here, and this group is incredibly active with questions from other new Facebook marketers, wisdom from veterans, and lots of extra coaching from the course creators, including live trainings.

People from all walks of life come into this group, and that makes it a really beautiful thing.

Other awesome bonuses with the Facebook Side Hustle Course

The other awesome bonuses are great too, and worth their weight in gold. They include:

  • Mike’s 8-step client call script: Everyone gets a little nervous when they’re trying to sell, especially when they’re trying to sell something big. Mike’s got you covered with his effective “just seriously read this off the paper” script. You won’t regret it.
  • The Ultimate lead follow-up system: Clients can be interesting sometimes, especially when they’re busy or not used to the pure volume of leads you’re going to be getting them. That’s why you also get a lead follow-up system! This system is something you can share with your clients and TEACH your clients so they figure out how to hit the ground running.
  • Client lead tracking automation system: You will learn how to set up the best system to send your clients their leads so they can follow up with them basically immediately.

There’s a lot to love about this course, and many students are seeing amazing success with just sticking to it and trusting the process. It’s inspiring us to keep spreading the joy.

So much joy.

More Facebook marketing courses to expand your mind

Now that you’ve learned about the best Facebook marketing course (again, our opinion), the following resources are things than can help with other specific aspects of Facebook marketing.

Facebook Blueprint eLearning

If you’re going to learn something, learn it from the masters. In this case… Facebook itself.

Facebook has come up with a lot of great resources lately, one of them being their Blueprint service, which is actually entirely free unless you want a certification, which costs you a few bucks more. Blueprint focuses more on the technical aspect and less on the results and creative side, but the information is fabulous and will get anyone started in the right direction.

Price: Free, unless you want a certification ($150)
Length of course: ~12 hours, with an average of 35 minutes a module
What you’ll learn: Blueprint talks about all of the basics of all sorts of ads, from promoting apps to measuring performance. They talk about Instagram ads too, and how to manage them from the same place you manage Facebook ads.

Learn more at Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Live Ads.

Facebook ChatBots at Udemy

You’ll like this course because ChatBots are relatively new, and there’s a lot to learn about them. Since people are still testing the waters with ChatBots and their capabilities (which means Facebook is also trying to get them to work in a way they like), this is a great time to learn a bit about them even if you aren’t going to implement them right away.

We like this course because the only thing you need to know about a ChatBot is that you want to learn about it, plus this Facebook marketing course has some really amazing reviews.

Price: Varies, but anywhere from $10 – $150 depending on the Udemy sale
Length of course: ~12 hours
What you’ll learn: How to run a ChatBot, how to perfect a marketing strategy with a ChatBot, how to make a ChatBot, what services to use, how to convert with a ChatBot, how to use a ChatBot for others and your own business

Learn more at Everything You Wanted to Know About Facebook Messenger Ads.

Facebook Ads for E-Commerce at Udemy

This course, created by Adam Reed, is an excellent story of poor-to-riches when some random guy tried out some random strategy and found out that it worked super well. This Facebook marketing course focuses on Facebook ads for dropshipping businesses and businesses that don’t actually have any inventory of their own (hint: this doesn’t mean you can’t sell stuff, believe it or not).

Price: Varies, but anywhere from $10 – $50 depending on the Udemy sale
Length of course: 10 hours +
What you’ll learn: All the technical Facebook management stuff is there, but there are also several sections on e-commerce ads and stats in the e-commerce industry, plus some exclusive case studies Adam put together from his clients.

This course is also a very beginning-to-end sort of thing, and takes you from setting up ads manager all the way to more “advanced” tactics, like setting up the whole Shopify dropshipping model and making it explode as the speed of light.

(Really Insane) Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook by Billy Gene

So, if you haven’t heard of Billy Gene, he’s not your lover, that’s for sure.

Billy is one of the more authentic, interesting marketers you’ll get to know in the niche. He’s the guy behind all of the marketing for OrangeTheory Fitness, and is also well-known for his absolutely insane strategies that… well, work. Right now, he’s got a nice course on creating effective paid ads on Facebook.

While Billy does have, in theory, something similar to our Facebook Side Hustle Course, the tasks risks we would never tell you to take. Our course focuses on how to make successful ads in a tried and true way — Billy will teach you how to bring a mix of insanity and alcohol in and take big risks, so use his methods at your own risk. For something safer, just scroll up a bit, haha.

Price: Varies, but anywhere from $34 – $50
Length of course: Roughly ~5 hours + workbook
What you’ll learn: Effective Facebook ad creation — Billy does not go into anything technical, but rather, discusses his most effective strategies around using ads to obtain business for himself and his clients.

Other helpful Facebook marketing course resources (that aren’t courses)

If you came to this post looking for the best Facebook marketing course, we like being extra and decided to give you even more than just course resources. Go you! Go us!


Here are a couple of our favorite marketing blogs that can help you with not only Facebook ads, but marketing in general. A lot of knowledge that one gain from learning about marketing can be applied to Facebook ads, so brushing up on everything to do with effective social media marketing will help, too.

The Laptop Empires Blog: *Waves* All things marketing with a focus in side hustles and self-made hustlers
Jon Loomer: All things Facebook marketing and advertising
Neil Patel: This guy knows his stuff about online marketing and lays it out in hundreds of posts
Digital Marketer: Need to get those creative juices flowing? Digital Marketer’s blog is full of creative strategies
Dennis Yu: This guy is amazing and you should love him with all of your heart. He’s great for a big boost of inspiration but always has the knowledge to drop all over everyone.


A lot of us, and hustlers in general, have some seriously crummy commutes. Behold, the power of podcasts is here! Listen to these while you sit in that insurmountable traffic or drive up the coast to San Francisco (if you have never done this, we recommend you do). We list some more of our favorite podcasts in our previous post, too.

The Story Engine: Okay, this doesn’t quite have anything to do with the best Facebook marketing course but we PROMISE it will make your Facebook ads shine. The Story Engine focuses on copywriting and finding the inner creative spirit to kick a bunch of ass in your writing!
The Laptop Empires Podcast: We talk to experts, make dumb jokes, but most of all, we teach you how to rock the hustle and dominate your niche. Cuz we’re cool.
Social Media Podcast Hour: Tyler Anderson has some great thoughts and interviews experts that are difficult to come across on other shows, like the person who owns ManyChat. Listen in for an easy lesson or two on your drive to the county fair.
The DigitalMarketer Podcast: Useful info, expert knowledge! Keep in mind that DigitalMarketer is not a place to START listening to podcasts. Their topics are often pretty involved and technical, so save this until you have a good grasp on industry standards and terms. If you want something more simple, our podcast is easier to digest (kinda like a good dessert).

Final thoughts on the best Facebook marketing course

The fact that you’re here reading this means you’re headed in the right direction of finding the best Facebook marketing course. If you’re looking for more resources and knowledge bombs, make sure you keep following our blog for niche-specific Facebook marketing advice, lessons on running a business, and much more.


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