How to Start a Podcast: Tips for a Successful Launch

How to Start a Podcast Tips for a Successful Launch

With video and written content requiring the full attention of your audience both visually and audibly, podcasting offers them the ability to consume content while going about their day. With busy schedules, long commutes, and other demands, podcasting creates an opportunity to entertain and inform your audience in even more situations. You can basically bring…

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Day in the Life of a Professional Copywriter – Episode 70

It takes a very creative mind to compose awesome copywriting that generates businesses millions of dollars in profit. Chris Orzechowski, our professional copywriter, knows how to pull it off and presents copywriting that is well-versed, engaging, and attracts leads big time. On our 70th episode let’s learn what a day in life of a professional…

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Day in the Life of an Agency Owner – Episode 69

Did it ever cross your mind what it’s like to be an agency owner? On today’s episode, our very own Mike Yanda, the co-founder of LaptopEmpires.com and owner of Red Dirt Marketing agency shares how he runs his own business with a systematic approach. Let’s take a glimpse of what his typical day looks like…

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Make Money Blogging: Pros and Cons of the Top 5 Strategies

Make Money Blogging Pros and Cons of the Top 5 Strategies

For those wanting to start a blog and grow it into a business, not only can it be incredibly difficult to predict your income potential, but it’s also hard to forecast when you will start earning that income. Blogging is a pretty slow business model overall, and if you want to make money blogging, it’s…

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Day in the Life of a Full-Time Blogger – Episode 68

Ever imagine leaving your job to blog full time? The risk may be high but if your determination and perseverance is as strong as this guy, then why not? On today’s episode, let’s all take a peek at a day in the life of a full-time blogger of the Millennial Money Man blog, our very…

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How to Build an Email List From Scratch

If you want your business to succeed, then these are the people you will need to keep around and find more of: customers, clients, and readers. The best way to do this? Learn how to build an email list. You actually may have been passively collecting emails as you go – from clients, as people…

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