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Do you want to start making more money? Maybe some of that sweet side hustle cash? Well fam, we’re gonna give you the best way to get that money without even leaving your home: finding clients and getting paid to post ads on Facebook.

Posting ads on Facebook sounds pretty simple, and in a lot of ways, it totally is. Facebook has done a great job of simplifying the process as of late, and it’s easier than ever to create ads, boosts, and content sponsorship posts.

Let’s review that, though: the process is easy, and that’s because Facebook wants you to spend money. What’s a little harder is actually making Facebook ads work.

And that’s where you come in! To get paid to post ads on Facebook, you’re going to want to learn not only how to post them but how to make them effective. That is where the money is going to be.

Without further adieu, let’s start chattin’ about this revenue stream!

Answers to your questions about how to get paid to post ads on Facebook

You probably have questions, and we’re hoping we have the answers. Don’t forget you can always reach out to us if you have more questions. We also have an awesome Facebook tribe if you join our course. And you can leave us a comment at the bottom of this post, too!

Be honest… when you say get paid to post ads on Facebook, are you trying to scam me?


It seems like a simple answer for a really, really important question, right? And in short, it’s true. You can post ads on Facebook for money, and you can do it without compromising integrity, selling essential oils, or inviting people to “parties in their pajamas.” You don’t have to do anything illegal, and you certainly don’t have to do anything questionable.

Now that being said, there are some scams that involve posting ads going around, and you need to be aware of them. What we are teaching you to do is not a scam, but there are some clever folks out there that teach other less savory methods.

Here are the most common get paid to post ads on Facebook scams:

No contact phone number or website

Not everyone has a phone number these days, but if you don’t have a phone number, you’d sure have a website that has plenty of trust-builders — like a clean layout, a blog, spell-checked content, and perhaps an email or way to reach out. If you can’t eyeball the product at hand, digital or not, there’s something wrong.


If you’ve looked for a job on websites, like Indeed or ZipRecruiter, you’ve probably seen these nasty ads. They look so TEMPTING! And an easy way to make a few bucks. But in reality, they’re entirely scams. These “companies” train a small sales team and then make them go out and sell their product for a commission. You don’t make cash if you don’t sell anything, despite your time commitment.

Pay us or go away

If someone says, “Oh, I have a job right behind this curtain, all I need is $20,” buyer beware.

We want to be clear on this point — there are many, many companies and small businesses that offer some really great training that’s not free. Much it needs to be paid for upfront, including us and some of our favorite people, like Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing  and the PinterestVA. However, these are businesses offering knowledge.

It’s like buying a self-help book. But if you have to pay just to walk into the store that sells the self-help book, there’s a potential issue.

Big promises

A number of very clever writers can dress up dead horses pretty well, so watch out for this one. Don’t fall for “make a hundred bucks an hour!” or “cash awaits you on the other side of this button” or whatever. Look for reasonable promises. Get them stars outcha eyes.

How much can I make posting ads on Facebook? Can I get rich?

The average Facebook ads client is worth around $1,000-$1,500/month. We know people who have multiple clients and average $6,000 a month. There are also people who build marketing agencies for Facebook ads and earn $30,000/month (we’re talking about our very own Mike Yanda).

Point being, you can and, with a lot of work, will make a completely livable wage working your online hustle. With a little fairy dust and a sprinkle of always-consult-experts-when-you-can, you might even make more than enough for you and your family BUT

Always a but…

… it won’t happen right away. But it can happen! Plenty of people who get paid to post ads on Facebook are very successful.

How fast can I make money posting Facebook ads?

Money from posting ads on Facebook isn’t usually the quickest way to earn a buck, especially if you’re shy or new to approaching people. Once you get rolling, though, and you choose a niche, you’ll have an easier time of it.

Who do I get to work with?

Whomever you want! This is a pretty cool part of running Facebook ads. You can choose a couple of niches, working with businesses that are relevant to you if you’d like. Or you can try something completely different. But, you do want to find what suits you. Since ads are somewhat different in every niche, you’ll have to learn to specialize in a few that you like to see the best returns.

We recommend service-based businesses to start with, like chiropractors, carpet cleaners, and gyms. However, we’ve had clients take on all sorts of things, from webinar sign-ups to book sales.

Is it easy to get customers?

This is a loaded question, haha. Some of the hustlers who have taken our course have a really easy time picking up a customer or two, and some struggle for months. It has to do with what you put into acquiring clients (but there’s some luck involved too).

Here are some of the best ways to find Facebook ad clients:

  • Social media ads
  • Ask friends and family
  • Posting on Upwork
  • Approaching business owners in person
  • Emailing businesses

What if I don’t know anything about Facebook ads?

That’s okay. We literally invented a course to get you on track.

What not to do if you want to get paid to post ads on Facebook

You are not an MLM

Keep in mind that you should not be trying to bring more people under your umbrella unless they are employees or people who are legitimately helping you. You don’t need to give out rewards based on performance or commission, either.

If you really want to bring people in, start by doing the best you can as an individual. Then, when you’re ready, bring other people in to help out.

Don’t spam

You are also not a spambot! It’s perfectly okay to offer your services to people once or twice, or even once a month. But think about showing some social proof or humble bragging about your successes. People can cheer you on and contact you if they want.

More than that is just spam.

“Don’t spam” also includes not spamming when you’re running ads

Facebook has gotten pretty good at catching junk ads and shutting them down before they even go live. Respect these filters and don’t mislead, assume, or make claims that aren’t true in your ads  — even if they DO get past Facebook’s filters. Don’t ruin running ads for the rest of us, bro. Be genuinely engaging and useful in your ads and you’ll get more actual customers anyway!

Putting all of your metaphorical eggs in one basket

Make sure you do a lot of testing, testing, testing. Don’t make an ad, decide it’s quite beautiful, and stop working it — there are almost always ways to get even better results. This will make you look good, both the results AND the hard work.

Stressing the “ad” part

In the end, even though you’re paying to put ads in front of people, the majority of the most successful campaigns sound like they’re coming from an individual on a person’s friends list. This helps with trust-building and makes someone pay attention because they feel like they know you — which is why they’re on Facebook in the first place!

Facebook favors ads that feel like a real person, so you should too (as a bonus, it’ll make them cheaper to run).

Top 3 ways to get paid to post ads on Facebook

Oh yes, we forgot to mention: there are a LOT of ways to earn money on Facebook, and many of these ways are outside paid ads. Since this article is about getting paid to post ads on Facebook, these ideas you’re about to read about are just based on running ads.

Get hired by a company to run ads

This is the thing we really like to talk about because this is where the bigger, fastest bucks seem to come from.

Once you choose a niche, you get to choose a business or a company in that niche! Easy peasy.

Let’s say you chose veterinary clinics. One of the first things you can do is start reaching out to vet clinics around you. Once you find your first client, you’re going to be the one that runs their ads and makes sure they’re performing up to standards.

Become an “influencer”

One of the other ways you can get paid to post ads on Facebook is a little less about reaching out to other businesses and more so reaching out to other individuals on Facebook. If you have a large audience — say, for a meme page, a blog, or a business — there is money to be had.

Once you have a substantial audience, you can use the weight of that audience to reach out to others without even including a mention or a link to buying something. Yep, you got it. You can mention a nice little tidbit about a company and get paid to do it. It’s insane. Upfluence has more information for you here if you’re interested.

Promote affiliate/become an affiliate

Promoting or becoming an affiliate is where you post a special link to a product or a service, boosting and/or running an ad with it, and hoping someone clicks through and purchases with your affiliate link.

You can pitch your own products this way. But the most common way is to post ads for other companies. So if you’re marketing an ad for a new pet product with an affiliate link, you just hope people click through and buy that item with YOUR link — never mind that they can Google search it and get around your link, but most people don’t bother.

Obviously, there are a lot of things that go into affiliate marketing that we aren’t gonna mention here (learn them here!) but keep in mind it is a valuable way to make a few bucks posting Facebook ads, especially if you pair it with other powerful strategies.

Get paid to post ads on Facebook — The Pros and Cons

There is much more to running Facebook ads than what you get in a pros and cons list, but this is a good way to summarize what it’s really like. It’s also important to take a good hard look at both because, in truth, you’ll need to know if you can handle the cons.

Low startup costTrading time for money is never fun
Ability to provide flexible pricingNot sure what to charge for services
Flexible scheduleWill need confidence and experience to make top dollar
No boss!Must be self-motivated (in your PJs)
The process of posting ads is very easyTroubleshooting failing ads can be difficult
Can be incredibly lucrativeProfitability at first can be hard to come by
Many different niches to testFinding the right niche can be a crapshoot
Worthwhile skillset to haveTraining, testing, experimenting — this will be your life!

Final thoughts on getting paid to post ads on Facebook

There are lots of reasons to learn how to post ads on Facebook, and learning how to do so can really broaden your horizons for working online. It makes a lot of sense to try it as many business owners are totally intimidated by trying it themselves. While there are a few cons, there is also a wad of cash just beyond the horizon — it’s your choice to decide if it’s a carrot you’re willing to chase.

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