ClickFunnels vs. LeadPages: How do they compare?

ClickFunnels vs. LeadPages: How do they compare?

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When it comes to a landing page and funnel creation software, ClickFunnels vs. LeadPages is a tough one because they’re both front runners in a long list of lead generation options. And, while they both have features that will help grow your business, there isn’t a “one size fits all” funnel and landing page tool.

Let’s take a look at both and dig into ClickFunnels vs. LeadPages to figure out which one might be best for your business. You might like one more than the other right now, but who knows? Maybe the other one will tickle your fancy by the end of this.

Quick reminder on why you need funnels and landing pages

Online businesses need lead generation tools to grow email lists, sell products, and just generally reach more customers. So, landing pages and funnels are just that – important elements of your lead generation strategy, but they aren’t the same thing…

Landing pages are individual web pages that you send traffic to in the hopes of capturing an email address and other important customer information that will be used to encourage future purchases. They also might be where a customer makes a purchase, and either way, they need to include a CTA (call-to-action) that tells customers exactly what you want them to do.

Funnels, or click funnels, are a sophisticated series of pages that are used to generate customer interest and guide them to an end goal, like selling a product, course, etc. They can be super simple or complex. Like landing pages, your funnel pages will need CTAs, and will capture information along the way.

What ClickFunnels and LeadPages are

Both ClickFunnels and LeadPages are services that are designed to be tools for people who don’t have a) the money to hire big, custom teams to make beautiful funnels and landing pages and b) people who do not have the time to learn how to do it themselves. They are both fantastic for what they do, and they are both going to help nearly any type of business create funnels and landing pages that are optimized for selling.

Click, click, drag and drop, boom. You’re ready to find the right people for your funnel. This is especially true with ClickFunnels, which gives you templates not only for landing pages, but for thank you pages, sales pages, and more.

What ClickFunnels and LeadPages are not

Sometimes people need to be reminded of some cold hard facts when they are considering buying new software and programs to help their business, especially if they are purchasing it in the hopes of increasing their revenue. So…

… ClickFunnels and LeadPages are not going to instantly bring you dollars in overnight. You’re not going to be Scrooge McDuck in a matter of minutes because you invested some money into ClickFunnels or LeadPages.

What you do instantly get are TOOLS to grow and build your business.

Think about it like this: you don’t buy a hammer and hope it builds you a house – you have to do the work to make it happen. If you let that hammer sit around and rust, it’s going to be the same as buying into one of these services and letting it slowly eat away at your bank account. That will just make you sad.

Both ClickFunnels and LeadPages can help you, but only if you put the time and effort into making them work for you. They are affordable shortcuts, not holy grails.

But enough about that. Let’s move on to how awesome they really are.

The features you get with ClickFunnels

The name says it all – ClickFunnels is funnels, and that’s where they shine.

Really, the biggest difference with ClickFunnels vs. LeadPages is this: ClickFunnels wants to help you with the entire process of creating profitable funnels while LeadPages is designed to give you stellar landing pages. Sure, you can create full funnels with LeadPages, but that’s not exactly what LeadPages is designed to do. ClickFunnels, on the other hand, is all about creating funnels start to finish.

ClickFunnels gives you amazing funnelsclickfunnels funnel

There are multiple ways to create funnels with ClickFunnels. You can:

  1. Start from scratch and use the drag-and-drop editor.
  2. Start with a pre-built funnel and use as much or as little of it as you’d like.
  3. “Borrow” a funnel from someone else with a ClickFunnels account.

In the ClickFunnels community, users can share funnels using a special link that copies a funnel from one account to another. If you’re already a user, you can do this an unlimited number of times. If you’re not a user, you will need to sign up with ClickFunnels and pay $19 a month to access and use one of these shared funnels. However, you can only use THAT funnel until you upgrade to one of their other options.

Choosing the right funnel

To get the most out of ClickFunnels, you will need to know what you’re going to be using them for. Are you selling a book? Are you trying to bulk up your mailing list? Are you going to sell an ebook on ClickFunnels?

While the idea behind each funnel is pretty much the same across the board, knowing your goal will help you find or build the best possible funnel. It will help you decide how simple or complex you’d like your series of pages to be.

Once you have a plan, then you get to design your pages or, if you’d rather use a template, you can literally just fill in the blanks and call it good. ClickFunnels has tons of great pre-built funnels for every business need.

If you want to edit a template, you can use the drag-and-drop editor and enjoy the “WYSIWYG” (what you see is what you get) aspect.

Start giving ClickFunnels a try today.

The best ClickFunnels features

There are a couple of strong, unique features in ClickFunnels that are worth mentioning, and these are all ones that aren’t also offered by LeadPages.

Ability to share funnels

This is, by far, one of the best features of ClickFunnels that have yet to be replicated by any other funnel service (that we know of). Not only is this a great way to share funnels that work with fellow marketers, business owners, and students, it’s also an excellent way to bring in people under your affiliate umbrella.

Affiliate program

Speaking of the affiliate umbrella, ClickFunnels has an excellent affiliate program. When someone signs up through your unique ClickFunnels code, you will get almost 40% of their monthly subscription cost. While ClickFunnels isn’t the only company that offers an affiliate program, they do offer one of the strongest in their niche.


Actionetics is one of several tools that comes with the ClickFunnels Etison suite, but it’s also more than just an extension. You can create smart email lists, automate entire processes, and see how engaged your prospects are and what they’ve looked at or even just opened.

Read our full ClickFunnels Review to learn more about all the features Clickfunnels has to offer.

The features you get with LeadPages

LeadPages is essentially a landing page builder, and at its core, that’s what you’re buying when you decide to go with them. However, it is a pretty powerful landing page builder with a lot of well-built features.

LeadPages… Pages

While you can create funnels in LeadPages, their service is really designed to optimize for landing pages and landing pages only, meaning they have hundreds of different templates. LeadPages also has a pretty good drag-and-drop editor so that you can create some downright amazing landing pages for dozens of different niches.

In this sense, LeadPages is similar to ClickFunnels; they’re both helping you succeed without knowing anything about coding or design.

The best features of LeadPages

With LeadPages, you can’t share your successful landing pages with anyone, and creating a funnel isn’t as easy as it is with ClickFunnels because you’ll have to design each page individually. However, LeadPages does have some unique features worth mentioning.


ClickFunnels recently launched something sort of like Leadboxes, but LeadPages did it first, and frankly, they did it better. While you can design a pop-up form or subscribe box with ClickFunnels, you get an extra level with LeadPages. Your pop-up box can be customized to only come up when a user does a certain action or has spent a certain amount of time on a page. In addition, you can create a button that links to a landing page – this is considered “two-step opt-in” – to boost your conversion rates.


Leadlinks is a one-click offer to existing subscribers, which is way cooler in function than it is in words. If you want your current subscribers to be able to sign up for a new ebook, for example, you can just send them a one-click opt-in. This works for webinars or new lists, too.


Leaddigits is one of those features that isn’t very useful for the vast majority of users, but if you need it, you need it. Audiences (usually live ones) can sign up for email lists, webinars, and other freebies from their phones via automated text message. This is super amazing if you’re in front of people a lot and want to collect their information quickly while they’re still listening to you speak, or to see how many conversions you’re getting from live shows.

Learn more about LeadPages.

A Quick Comparison of ClickFunnels vs. LeadPages

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ClickFunnels is incredibly powerful and will take you through each step of building a funnel so that you can grow your email list, sell more products, etc. LeadPages is a great place to start if you’re a little shy about diving into the whole funnel right off the bat. ClickFunnels is really going to offer the most comprehensive package at a fairly reasonable monthly fee, but still LeadPages does have its place if you’re really just needing landing pages.

ClickFunnels vs. LeadPages? It really depends on what you need

The best way to choose? Try ‘em both for a few days and see what tickles your fancy before committing to a long-term investment. You can nab a ClickFunnels 14-day trial right here (affiliate link!) to get started.

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