It’s safe to say most people don’t like wasting their hard-earned money or their valuable time. This Facebook Side Hustle Course review is to help you cut right to the heart of the question we are asked often around here: is it worth the money and time to invest in this particular online course learning about Facebook ads?

The Facebook Side Hustle Course is one of many online courses offered on the subject of Facebook ads. But when you look closely, you’ll soon discover there are several aspects that set this course apart from others. We put together this Facebook Side Hustle Course review so you can decide if it is indeed worth your time and money.

Spoiler alert — we think it is. But here’s why.

Facebook Ads are a Great Side Hustle

At Laptop Empires, we’ve made no secret about our success with Facebook ad campaigns. This can be a profitable side hustle, or turned into a full-time career for those who can get results for other clients.

Mike and I started the Facebook Side Hustle Course after seeing success with running ad campaigns for clients. Mike is a former lawyer who now earns over $30,000 per month by generating leads for real businesses. I also used Facebook ads to generate traffic for Millennial Money Man, which helped the website grow exponentially in the beginning. What started as side gigs for the two of us, quickly grew into full-time businesses.

Of course, it’s not only about making a generous income each month. It’s also about the flexible schedule and helping other business owners see their own success. The fact that it also meant being able to pay off debt or pay for a well-deserved family vacation is the icing on the cake.

There are many reasons why earning additional income each month from creating Facebook ad campaigns can be life-changing.

Facebook Side Hustle Course

Once it was clear developing Facebook ad campaigns could change someone’s financial trajectory, the next step was to create a course so others could duplicate the success.

The Facebook Side Hustle Course, or FBSH, launched and immediately well-received. Since its creation, thousands of students have benefited from the lessons learned from multiple Facebook ad campaigns.

But what makes this course so popular? How has it helped such a large number of people? The answer is in the quality of the information. And trust me, not all online courses are created equal  — especially when it comes to quality of the content.

What Makes a Good Facebook Ads Course?

As you’re contemplating purchasing a Facebook ads course to teach you all the things related to ads, then you need to know what makes a course worth the effort.

Here are the main considerations for choosing a Facebook ads course:

  • The source. Is the person (or people) teaching this course experienced in running successful campaigns?
  • The timing. Look for a course that has been updated. The Facebook algorithm changes faster than you can say “Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth.” Choose an updated course that reflects the latest and greatest.
  • The availability. How long will you have access to the course? Is it a one-and-done thing or will you have lifetime access?
  • The total access. Can you reach out to the teacher(s) if you have questions? What if you hit a stumbling block?
  • The support. Does the course come with additional support such as a Facebook group or monthly support calls? Are you all alone on the journey or is there a community you can reach out to?
  • The cost. Cost is a major consideration. What is the value of what you’re receiving? Can you easily earn a return on your personal investment?
  • The content. Most importantly, will the content answer your questions? Will you walk away knowing what you need to actually get started and be successful?

Now it’s time to see how the Facebook Side Hustle Course stacks up to these standards.

The Facebook Side Hustle Course Review: What’s Included with the Course?

Earlier we mentioned there were several aspects of the FBSH course that set it apart from other online courses. One of these distinctions is the amount and quality of content you receive with the course instruction.

There are nine modules total, and within these lessons there are three different focus areas:

  1. How to set up a Facebook ad campaign for local businesses
  2. How to find clients who need this service
  3. Getting potential clients to say yes to using your service

So already you know you’re going to get the information you need to learn how Facebook ads can help you earn money. But what’s great about this information is how in-depth each module goes.

For instance, you’re going to learn how to create the actual ad, the right ad placement, choosing the correct target audience – this is only scratching the surface.

If you’re concerned that nine-course modules may be too much to digest at once, don’t worry. Each module is around 10-15 minutes long, but covering the exact information you need.

Here’s a closer look at what is covered in each of the nine videos, so you can see how comprehensive the course content is:

Module 1 – The Basics: The first module covers how Facebook ads can be used to generate leads for local businesses, a walkthrough of the Facebook ad platform, various ad placement options, three levels of a targeted ad campaign, and much, much more.

Module 2 – The Funnel: Learn what is a sales funnel and how to create them. Also learn how to use funnels to generate leads for businesses, create a landing page, set up lead forms, and more.

Module 3 – The Ad: Learn how to formulate campaign objectives, the basics of targeting the right audience, choosing the best images, and direct response copywriting.

Module 4 – Facebook Assets: Learn about Facebook pixel, what it is and how to install it. Also learn about standard events and custom conversions.

Module 5 – Walkthroughs: Complete Facebook Ad campaign walkthroughs to show you how to create your first conversion and lead form.

Module 6 – Best Practices: You’ll learn the Golden Rule of testing ads, and how to scale your clients’ ads the right way to make your business (and theirs) grow.

Module 7 – Troubleshooting Your Ads: Learn how to spot problems with your Facebook ads and how to solve them yourself.

Module 8 – Setting Yourself Up: A detailed explanation of how to set up your client’s Facebook Page, as well as Business Manager for your own services. You’ll learn the tools available to help your business run more efficiently.

Module 9 – Landing Your First Client: Learn the right niches to target, using your network, landing clients via email, the sale conversion, getting paid, and onboarding new clients.

Bonus Materials

Not only do most people want to spend their money wisely, but who doesn’t love a little extra icing on their cake — in the form of bonuses? The Facebook Side Hustle Course also includes several bonuses, but don’t worry, these bonuses are actually helpful.

Bonus #1 — One free month of personal coaching from the Laptop Empires team

For one month, you’ll have free and unlimited access to the Facebook community. You’ll receive additional support in the form of daily advice, coaching, and feedback.

Bonus #2 —  Mike’s 8-step client call script

We can probably figure out what to say to a client on our own, but Mike has taken the guesswork out of it. This bonus material will give you the exact word-for-word script you can use to gain new clients and naturally overcome common objections.

Bonus #3 — The Ultimate Lead Follow-Up System

Learn how to convert your client’s leads into high-quality customers. You’ll learn the exact process needed to add more value to your client’s business by helping them get the most sales from their leads.

Bonus #4 — Client Lead Tracking Automation System

Learn how to set up a “lead-tracking notification system” for your clients so they not only follow up on their leads, but they see the progress your Facebook ad campaign is making for their business.

Learn more about the course here

The Cost of the Facebook Side Hustle Course

If you’ve conducted your own research on Facebook ad courses, you may have been shocked by the costs of many of these courses.

The FBSH is offered at $497, plus you receive the additional $500 in the bonus material. Other courses charge two or three times this amount.

What’s great about the FBSH course is how quickly you can start putting what you learn into practice. If you land one client the first month and you charge the client $1,000, then you’ve more than made up your investment.

And yes, there are courses out there that cost significantly less, but the material isn’t as comprehensive. If you are serious about using Facebook ads to grow a profitable side hustle or business, then you’re much better off investing in yourself upfront so you can hit the ground running.

Oh and the 100%, 30-day money-back guarantee is worth mentioning as well. You can be confident you’re purchasing the best course possible.

Final Thoughts on the Facebook Side Hustle Course Review

The bottom line is you have plenty of choices when it comes to side hustles and courses that teach you the basics of running Facebook ads.

The difference with the Facebook Side Hustle Course is that Mike and I created this course because we’ve learned it all firsthand and we know what it takes to make the ad campaigns truly successful. We are out there in the real world making it happen.

Now it’s time you learn the exact steps needed so you can create your own success story.

Start learning how to run Facebook ads here


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