9 Legitimate Ways to Make An Extra $100 A Month

how to make an extra 100 a month

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If you’re looking for relatively easy ways to make an extra Benjamin each month, here are some great side hustle options that will help you get there quick.

When we look at side hustles to see if they’re worth mentioning, we check them against a short list of requirements:

  • Scalable: Is this side hustle able to be increased (or decreased) as need and demand change?
  • Flexible: Does this side hustle work with your schedule?
  • Affordable: Does this side hustle require tons of money upfront, or cost a lot to maintain?

If a side hustle doesn’t tick these boxes, we don’t put it up for your consideration.

Here are some of our favorite legit ways to make $100 a month.


Right now, many parents are finding themselves attempting to remember how to multiply fractions, or googling what the function of a gerund is. If you like working with kids and have some specialized knowledge, you are sitting on a gold mine of an opportunity in tutoring.

Consider marketing your skills and availability in your local community on Facebook, or share with your circle of friends that you are looking for tutoring opportunities.

If you don’t feel comfortable seeking out in-person tutoring clients right now, another option is to work with VIPKid, an online tutoring company that specializes in teaching English as a second language to students based in Asia.

You don’t need teaching experience to work with VIPKid, just some level of previous interaction and experience in caring for kids. This can include taking care of children as a sitter, or even just being a parent to your own children. And with the ability to make up to $22 an hour based on ratings and experience level, it wouldn’t take many students to make an extra $100 a month.

Manage Pinterest accounts

If you have a creative eye and a measure of organizational ability, you might do well as a virtual assistant specializing in Pinterest management. Pinterest has become a hot platform for digital marketing for bloggers, businesses, and social influencers, and having the knowledge and skills to maneuver through the inner workings of Pinterest can be quite profitable.

Unfortunately, it isn’t quite intuitive, so taking advantage of the Pinterest VA course would be the best way to master this side hustle. It’s a comprehensive course that sets you up with all the information you need to become a successful Pinterest manager.

Pinterest VAs can make really decent money, with a starting hourly rate of $15 an hour. It wouldn’t take many hours or clients to get you up to $100 a month!

Best of all, this can be done entirely from home without ever interacting with your clients in person.

Sell your stuff online

If you take a look around your closet you’ll probably find things you haven’t touched in a long time – clothes, shoes, books, electronics… All that clutter is actually money waiting to be made!

Thanks to entrepreneurs who created online selling apps like eBay, Mercari, Poshmark, Thredup and more, you can turn your unwanted possessions into cash with limited human interaction.

Home decor items are top sellers on eBay. Mercari and Poshmark both report women’s clothes and accessories as their bestselling items, and popular brands like Lululemon, Banana Republic, and J. Crew clothes do really well on Thredup.

There’s also the added benefit of clearing out clutter, which has some profound mental health benefits, so it’s a win-win!

Run ads on Facebook

If you’ve ever wondered how the ads in your Facebook feed seem to be custom-tailored to you (on an almost spooky level) you should know you’ve been targeted by some knowledgeable ad managers.

If you’re looking to increase your income through a legitimate skill-based side hustle, we believe that running ads on Facebook for local businesses is a killer option. While technically this will make you $100 a month on the side, we are kind of cheating by putting this on the list, because the actual going rate for a Facebook ads expert is $1,000 a month per client.

The Facebook Side Hustle Course is your best bet for getting your foot in the door on this one. The course is not the only option out there when it comes to learning how to create and manage ads, but it is one of the most affordable, and also the most comprehensive we have seen.

Become a freelance writer

If you have a particular gift with words, there are tons of freelance writing gigs out there.

With an hourly rate anywhere from $30 and up, this is a highly lucrative side hustle. You can make tons of money writing content you have experience in and niche down, or if you’re decent at research, you can broaden your client base as wide as you want.

Sites like Upwork are a great way to connect with quality clients who need writers. Adding other services like proofreading can also expand your appeal to potential clients.

With hourly rates like this, it wouldn’t take more than one or two articles a month to make an additional $100 in your spare time.

Get paid to go shopping

If you always won scavenger hunts as a kid, you might consider becoming a personal shopper with Shipt or Instacart.

All you need to break into this side hustle is a reliable mode of transportation, decent time management, and to know your way around your local grocery store.

Many people find they have less time to go grocery shopping, and more of a desire to pay someone else to do it for them. And a lot of them then use the same shopper week after week.

Shipt claims that you can make $16-22 an hour, plus tips. Instacart boasts up to $20-25 an hour, with average pay not dipping below $10 an hour. It wouldn’t take many shops to get you up to $100 a month at that rate.

Deliver food on the fly

If quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that people simply don’t want to cook three square meals a day, seven days a week. We can all agree that restaurants really are an essential service!

This being the case, being a food delivery driver with companies like UberEats or DoorDash is a great way to pick up some extra cash on your own schedule. All you need is a car and a smartphone for this side hustle.

While you make the most money if you are available during peak eating hours, it likely won’t take many deliveries to reach the goal of an extra $100 a month – the hourly rate for delivery drivers ranges between $15-22.

Work from home as a Virtual Assistant

We live in an increasingly online world with a growing gig economy. This means that entrepreneurs are in need of online virtual assistants to help them scale their businesses.

Becoming a virtual assistant is a great way to make some extra money each month. You can scale it up as much as you like either by increasing the services you offer or by taking on more clients.

To get some training on how to become a great VA or where to look for clients, check out the Horkey Handbook, a one-stop-shop on becoming a money-making VA from the comfort of your own home. Gina Horkey has the knowledge and expertise to turn you into a successful VA in less than 30 days.

And with VA’s earning anywhere from $20-100 an hour, it’s worth looking into as a sound side hustle option.

Pet sitting

If you love asking the question “Who’s a good boy?” to furry friends, consider making pet sitting or dog walking your side hustle.

Rather than relying on word of mouth, or posting notices on your communal mailbox, you can sign up with Rover. Rover is a fantastic way to get connected with pet owners who need a hand in caring for their furry family members.

According to Rover, pay varies by location, but if you live in an urban area you can make around $25 for a walk, and $70 for an overnight stay. Not bad money at all! You can also list additional skills, like experience working with special needs pets or senior dogs, to help your profile stand out.

This is possibly one of the quicker and more entertaining ways you could make $100 a month.

In review

It’s not hard to find practical, flexible ways to make an extra $100 a month on the side. Whether it’s to ease up your cash flow constraints, pay down your debt faster, or simply pad your online shopping account, there are tons of options out there to make a bonus bill.

While you could spend time taking piles of surveys, watching mind-numbing videos, or any other number of tiny tasks in hopes to pile up an extra Benjamin, it would be worth your time to explore one of these options.

These more lucrative, flexible, and scalable side hustles are a better use of your time when it comes to making some extra cash!

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