How to Make Money on Facebook: 5 Fairly Easy Ways

How to Make Money on Facebook: 5 Fairly Easy Ways

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If want to learn how to make money on Facebook, there are close to a bazillion ways to do it… okay, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration. The truth is that Facebook has become an incredibly versatile platform that has opened doors for anyone who wants to make money online in a variety of ways.

We all use Facebook a little differently. Most people just use it to chat with their buddies. Some join mastermind groups, some find people locally to play board games with (we’re nerds like that), and some are learning how to make money on Facebook.

People who make money on Facebook do it in a bunch of different ways – all the way from starting a side hustle to using it to list your personal goods for sale. Facebook has a way for pretty much anyone with a computer (or even just a phone) to make a dollar.

And of course, as your side-hustle fam, we encourage you to shoot for the big bucks and go for ad management. It’s the most bang for your time. However, if you can’t or just don’t wanna, we do have some other ideas if you want to learn how to make money on Facebook.

First, who can make money on Facebook?

Anyone. Next question.

Haha, sorry. But really, some of the ways to make money on Facebook are so dang simple that your 8-year-old could do them (why yes, you CAN advertise that lemonade stand on Facebook, so funny that you asked!).

That being said, some of these methods are more profitable or faster than others. It completely depends on what you want to do and how you want to do it.

The point we’re trying to make is that anyone can make money on Facebook – not any robot, or several accounts that are all you, or an alt account where you spam groups with some message about how they should message you now to earn fifty bucks.

No, no. The ways how to make money on Facebook that we suggest are for individuals trying to make an honest dollar, no scams or traps or spam allowed!

How to make money on Facebook – 5 fairly easy ways

Method 1: Sell Stuff

All of these methods involve selling stuff, but in this case, we mean actual, physical stuff.

Facebook has become an incredibly powerful stuff-trading platform where you can list just about any physical product that you have kicking around your house. This is a great tactic when you need a quick buck, but some folks make a living off of the Marketplace selling things they find in storage units or liquidation websites.

If you’re anything like us and are sorta curious about the whole liquidation business, you can watch Safiya Nygaard buy a box and then open it up and see all of the goodies she got. Trust us, it’s worth a watch.

If you want to learn how to make money on Facebook by selling stuff, there are a couple of things you absolutely can not use the platform (your private feed or Marketplace) to sell. They are:

  • Alcohol
  • Illicit drugs
  • Tobacco
  • Firearms
  • Animals
  • Real money gambling products
  • Certain healthcare products

Facebook can and will ban you for trying to skirt around these rules, so just stick to ‘em and avoid some strife.

If you want to try and sell things on Facebook, whether you’re going to flip liquidation merch or just sell that rug you’ve been staring at for a year, start by:

  • Joining local buy, sell, trade groups (BST groups). These groups are often named after the county or city you live in so that no one is driving far for sales. They’re also often called “online garage sales.” So when you’re looking for these groups, sometimes searching for “garage sale” will help you find them. Note: Facebook recently introduced the ability to sort by “buy and sell groups.” Tap on exploring in the upper header menu and just click “buy and sell groups.” You’ll be geo-located and easily find local groups.
  • Surfing Marketplace. Marketplace came about after BSTs became a huge thing to try and localize selling and trading. Of course, Facebook also allows national sellers to throw up some products from ads their too. But for the most part, this is where people are going to see the items you’re trying to sell.
  • Selling right on your feed. You are more than welcome to try and sell things locally to your friends by just listing things on your feed. This is often pretty effective, actually, because the people on your friends’ list are people who probably trust you more than the Average Joe.

Method 2: Become an influence marketer

Learning how to make money on Facebook as an influencer is a sort of similar to how bloggers or Instagram influencers earn income through brand partnerships. This is a tried-and-true technique that has slowly found its way to Facebook.

The idea is pretty simple… big companies (or medium companies) reach out to bloggers or influencers in their niche. For example, a makeup company would reach out to a beauty blogger. In return for cash, product, or PR, the blogger then writes a review or blog about the company and its product.

Sometimes these partnerships go beyond just one or two posts; an influencer can be “branded” by a particular company in a niche and get some extra benefits from promoting the company’s image whenever and however they’d like.

Our main man Bobby Hoyt (Millennial Money Man) actually has a great example of one of these relationships with Bluehost. In fact, he built an entire free mini-course around starting a blog with Bluehost, which you can check out here.

The point is that these influencers use their audiences to build a connection between a company and a new audience. Facebook is becoming a more important player in influencer marketing as companies ride on the reputation of influencers through sponsored and boosted posts.

As long as the company and the influencer have a good connection that makes sense, these partnerships can be incredibly profitable for both parties. Plus, it can be kinda fun too – it doesn’t just have to be “look at this cool new makeup.”

If you don’t mind a bit of language, you can check out this video that was paid for by a company called “The Meat Man.” It’s a hilarious prank video that definitely gets the point across in an entertaining way. By the way, the company got serious publicity for the video and garnered thousands of likes and orders.

Facebook for Media, one of Facebook’s help guides, also has some really good information on collaborating with brands and monetizing certain aspects of influencer marketing.

Method 3: Use Facebook to drive traffic to your site

Sometimes learning how to make money on Facebook isn’t as much about making money on the platform, rather using the platform to make you money.

See, Facebook uses a complex set of algorithms that watch where you go, how you click, and what you watch around their website (and sometimes other websites, if there’s a pixel installed).

Since we can’t really do anything about being tracked this way, this is a good opportunity to join them instead of beat them and use this data to our advantage. It kind of works like this:

  1. Build your audience through ads or organic posting (one of these does take longer than the other).
  2. Build your online persona, post about your company, do sales pitches and product launches, post useful content that’s really aimed at helping your audience. Basically, make yourself invaluable to your community.
  3. Get those folks to sign up for your mailing lists and browse your site. This is where Facebook’s data is the most helpful – you can use ads to target audiences that work in your niche, but Facebook also helps you do this organically (much slower).
  4. Using Facebook’s powerful backing and the data you’ve collected, you can design audiences that you can then target and sell to overtime.

You’re not trying to SELL to people on Facebook in this scenario – rather drive people to go visit your brand and website on your turf.

Method 4: Create an affiliate Facebook page

Affiliate marketing is quick n’ dirty and, while the per-click isn’t as profitable as some of the other methods, it’ll get the job done if you know how to work it.

Here’s how to make money on Facebook with affiliate ads:

  1. Sign up for an affiliate program. Amazon is one of the most popular ones, but there’s no reason you can’t sign up for it and several others (if the terms and conditions allow it to be so). Amazon is good because you can create an affiliate link for basically anything. A couple of others to explore: Wealthy Affiliate, ShareASale, Flex Offers, and Peerfly Affiliate Network.
  2. Get promotin’. Bring traffic to your page and promote products that are about one niche, whatever niche that maybe, all the way from books to jet skis.
  3. Start earning. When people click on your unique affiliate link and make a purchase (called a conversion), you get a part of the profit pie. What you make per conversion is dependant on the terms of your affiliate deal.

This is an easy setup, but it does take a lot of work to build an audience and following that is large enough for you to earn money. And, you’ll really want to make sure you’re providing quality products that relate to your audience and niche. Like, if your audience is beauty fanatics, don’t try to promote jet skis.

These sorts of pages go great with Facebook Lives and status reviews, too.

Method 5: Run a successful group

Running a group on Facebook that’s tailored around a niche or a particular group can be really powerful and super profitable.

In June of last year, Facebook started poking around making it possible for admins to charge monthly fees for exclusive membership to certain types of groups. While we haven’t heard anything about any more development in this area, it hasn’t stopped groups from using a third-party integration to charge instead. Just set someone up with recurring drafts and kick ‘em if they don’t pay. Haha. But it really is that simple.

However, making these groups incredibly valuable and making them work for you can be a little more difficult. One of our team members knows a group like this that is for carpet cleaning professionals; the group is stand-alone and actually free to join. But, the company that runs it offers paid advice in the form of courses and ebooks.

Here at Laptop Empires, the hustlers in our course group are mostly on monthly subscriptions and they’re an awesome bunch of folks. In our case, our hustlers have already purchased our products so we don’t need to try and nickel and dime them. Instead, we spend our time providing them with tons of value in the form of live trainings and our awesome circle of experts.

The final word on how to make money on Facebook

There are absolutely other ways to earn some cash on Facebook, but if you pick a method and run with it like the kickass hustler we know you are, you’re going to make the dollars rain down from the heavens and into your lap.

And if you decide you are interested in learning how to make money on Facebook through ads… like we said in the beginning, it’s the most bang for your time… we have an incredibly valuable course that teaches you how to start and run your very own digital marketing agency.

The first thing you need to know is that big companies are already using Facebook to advertise their goods and services, but they have teams of people running these ads. Small businesses often lack the time and expertise it takes to run an effective ad strategy.

This is where our course, the Facebook Side Hustle Course, comes in. We teach you:

  • How to set up an ad campaign
  • How to test and run ads
  • How to find businesses that need this service
  • How to get business owners to say “yes” to hiring you on

Facebook digital marketers average $1,000-$1,500 per client per month. It’s a great side hustle that can be done outside of your normal job, while you stay home with your kids, and can even lead to quitting your day job. Yes, we’ve seen some of our students make that happen.

The bottom line is that Facebook has only increased the ways we can earn money online. It’s no longer just for sharing good doggo pics (but please still share these) or arguing about politics with a high school classmate you haven’t seen in 15 years.

Real people are out there making a living and earning side income using the most widely used social media platform.

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