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There are so many different side hustle options out there these days. Between network marketing (also known as MLMs, ew), gig jobs like ride sharing or food delivery, or skilled freelancing gigs, there are tons of opportunities to make cash on the side in pursuit of your money goals.

Maybe you want to get out of debt, pay off student loans, or start saving for a dream home or vacation. Whatever your motivation, there are tons of ways you can make an extra paycheck from reputable side hustle jobs.

But not all side hustles are created equal, and not all are worth your time. We have some pretty high standards for what makes a good side hustle. When investigating a money-making opportunity, consider the following:

  • Is the cost of entry low?
  • Can you grow this hustle and make more money as time goes on?
  • Is it flexible to your schedule?
  • That said, let’s dive into a list of side hustle jobs that you should take a look at.

Teach English Online

There are a growing number of children around the world who are learning English online from tutors working out of their homes. VIPKid is a company that pairs up these students and tutors. A large majority of the students live in China, and are eager to learn from native English speakers.

And you don’t have to be a teacher to procure a gig with VIPKid. According to VIPKid, all you need is experience in:

  • Working in a daycare or other childcare setting
  • Caring for your own kids
  • Tutoring at a professional or amateur level

VIPKid is a great option because the hours are flexible, and the pay increases with your ratings – you can make up to $22 an hour. You won’t be expected to have a lesson plan, and the sessions are quite short, which makes it an ideal fit for almost anyone’s schedule.

Make Money As A Tasker

If you’re looking for an option that is a super flexible side hustle (as in one you can pick and choose what you want whenever you want) TaskRabbit is a good choice. Taskers on TaskRabbit fulfill tasks posted by customers, like planting flowers, assembling furniture, or hanging a mirror.

One of the cooler features of this gig is you get to establish a price range for different types of tasks, and good reviews help you charge more. Since this is a gig that is entirely centered around your abilities and schedule, it’s a perfect side hustle.

Get Paid to Go Shopping for People

If you’re a fan of shopping and enjoy the thrill of a scavenger hunt, you might consider becoming a personal shopper with Shipt or Instacart.

Many people find that they have less of a desire to spend their time on grocery shopping, and more desire to spend their money to pay others to do it for them.

Shipt claims that you can make $16-22 an hour, plus tips! Instacart boasts up to $20-25 an hour, with average pay not dipping below $10 an hour. That’s a decent chunk of change.

You just need to be good at time management, access to reliable transportation, and know your way around your local grocery store.

Become a Rideshare Driver

If you like spending time in your car and driving is something you do for fun, you should consider taking on a gig as a rideshare driver.

Uber and Lyft are two of the most famous side hustle names in the world, and for good reason. Rideshare drivers help people when they’re in a tight spot, provide designated driver services, or just take the stress out of a daily commute.

Both Uber and Lyft take care of finding the customers and processing the payment, leaving you to simply pick people up and drive! The opportunities to increase your pay are wide and various, including offering perks that get you tips.

The only thing you need for this side hustle job is a vehicle in decent shape and a clear background check. As an added incentive, Uber encourages you to claim your car maintenance expenses as tax deductions.

Rent your Car

Even if you don’t want to drive people around, you still have an opportunity to make money off your car. If you don’t use your car on a daily basis, consider listing it on Turo, the carsharing app.

Turo is appealing for consumers because it skips the car rental company and all the red tape that comes with it.

It’s great for people who list their cars, as you can make more than enough to cover your car payment without having to leave your house! You set your price and rules, so you get to make this side hustle whatever you want.

Deliver Take Out Food to Hungry Customers

Earlier in this post, we talked about driving people with ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft. Well, if you happen to be a painfully shy introvert, or just don’t feel like driving strangers in your car, you can still hop on the opportunity of using your car, driving skills, and knowledge of your local area to make some side hustle money.

UberEats and DoorDash work with local and chain restaurants to deliver food right to customers’ doors.

The way it works is simple: a customer orders food from a restaurant through the UberEats or DoorDash app. A driver then gets a notification with the opportunity to take on the order and deliver it.

The work is plenty, for sure. The scheduling is flexible (although you’ll generally make more money around peak meal times), and the pay can be pretty decent, with drivers for UberEats and Door Dash making around $15-22/an hour. Not a bad option!

Get Paid to Hang out with Pets

If you like spending time with cute doggos, consider making pet sitting or dog walking your side hustle. While you could try posting flyers in your neighborhood Facebook groups, this is 2020, and there’s an app for that.

The company Rover is a fantastic way to get connected with pet owners who need a hand in handling their furry family members.

According to Rover, pay varies by location, but if you live in an urban area you can make around $25 for a walk, and $70 for an overnight stay. Not bad money at all!

Since Rover handles the connection and the payment, it’s a great way to ensure you get that money for hanging out with a dog or two.

Make $1,000 a Month Running Ads on Facebook

If you’ve ever wondered how the ads in your Facebook feed seem to be custom-tailored to you (on an almost spooky level) you should know you’ve been targeted by some knowledgeable ad managers.

If you’re looking to increase your income through a legitimate skill-based side hustle, we believe that running ads on Facebook for local businesses is a killer option. Because Mike and Bobby found success in doing this themselves, they decided to create an easy-to-use course that teaches other people how to do exactly what they do.

The Facebook Side Hustle Course is not the only option out there when it comes to learning how to create and manage ads. But it is one of the most affordable, and offers enough in-depth video lessons to give students a practical money-making skill that can lead to life-changing money.

Running ads on Facebook offers you flexibility in scheduling and a lot of options for scalability. With a going rate of $1,000 a month per client, this is a hustle that can be seriously lucrative.

Make Money Managing Pinterest Accounts

A Pinterest virtual assistant uses creative skills to make eye-catching pins, and create search engine optimized captions. They then use organization skills to schedule and maintain pins. For creatives with an organizational side, this is a pretty good side hustle.

According to Kristin Larsen and Gina Horkey, creators of the Pinterest VA Course, the going hourly rate for a Pinterest VA is anywhere from $15/hour for beginners to up to $100/hour! And while the course might seem a bit on the steep side, you can break it up into two payments.

Being a freelance VA is a great option for stay-at-home moms, and anyone else who wants to put some pinning skills to use making extra money.

Creative Services on Fiverr

Fiverr is less of a “job” provider, and more of an opportunity offerer. Think of it as a marketplace for freelancers and the people who need to hire them.

You can list any number of hobbies or services on Fiverr – illustration, cross-stitching, even voice over work. If you have a special skill like web or logo design, or you are particularly organized, or you have a silky smooth voice that rivals Morgan Freeman, you should definitely consider profiting from your abilities with Fiverr. The more positive reviews you get, the more customers you’re likely to attract.

Rates are set by you based on your experience in particular skills. A flat 20% is kept by Fiverr for all gigs you successfully complete. Since payment is handled by Fiverr as well, you never have to worry about hunting down payment or missed invoices.

Bottom Line on Side Hustle Jobs

There are plenty of options we didn’t include in this list you can employ to make some extra money, but the jobs on this list are all legitimate and offer fantastic opportunities to make a decent amount of money on the side.  Just remember to look for side hustles that offer you flexibility, scalability, and don’t cost you an arm and a leg to start. At the end of the day, side hustles are all about earning extra cash in a way that fits into your lifestyle!

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