17 Free Blogging Courses That Will Blow Up Your Blog

17 Free Blogging Courses That Will Blow Up Your Blow

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Hello there blogger friend! Whether you’ve already started your blog or are still in the planning stages, you’re in for one of the craziest and most amazing journeys ever. To help you along the way, we have a bunch of free blogging courses for you.

We love online courses – nothing like sitting in your sweats with a cup of coffee and learning new skills. Seriously, it’s pretty incredible how much information is out there that can take an idea and turn it into a profitable business.

Free courses are a great way to test the waters and see what you can learn and implement without making a huge financial commitment. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 17 of the best free blogging courses out there.

This list includes free courses for:

  • Learning how to start a blog
  • Growing your traffic with Facebook ads
  • Navigating WordPress
  • Growing your social media presence
  • Coding basics for your blog
  • SEO essentials
  • Building your email list
  • Copywriting skills

And more!

You can take one or all of them, but do yourself a favor and don’t try to consume them all at once. To really get value from these courses, you need to give each of them your full attention.

At the end of this article, we’ve got our favorite paid courses once you are ready to invest a little cash in your blog.

Here are 17 free blogging courses that will blow up your blog

1. Laptop Empires 8-Day Email Course

This course takes you through eight must learn lessons that you need to know if you’re going to become a profitable blogger. Each lesson is sent directly to your email inbox, and here’s what you’ll learn in the course:

  • Day 1: Why blogging is right for you. You already know how awesome blogging is, but this lesson will pump you up even more.
  • Day 2: Finding your voice and message. This lesson will help you find your niche so you know who you’re writing to and what you’re writing about.
  • Day 3: Setup and design. If you don’t have an actual blog yet, this step walks you through the process of building your blog.
  • Day 4: Ways to grow your readership. There are several routes you can take to grow your audience, and this lesson explains the pros and cons of each and how to work them.
  • Day 5: How you can actually make money blogging. This lesson is all about monetizing your blog and the ways you can do it.
  • Day 6: Mastering social media. Facebook, Instagram, etc. – these platforms are your friends, learn to use them!
  • Day 7: Growing and maintaining an email list. Too many bloggers make the mistake of neglecting their list, this lesson teaches you how to start an email list in the early days.
  • Day 8: How to kill it on Facebook from the very beginning. Facebook is the perfect place to grow your readership, and we’ll give you the special sauce for making the most of it.

We’re obviously a little partial to this free blogging course because it’s ours. But, you’ll love it because it covers the exact methods that our very own Bobby Hoyt (aka Millennial Money Man) used to grow his site into a seven-figure blog in just a few short years.

Interested? Just enter your info in the box below and we’ll send you a copy to get started!

2. Blog Launch Blueprint

This 7-day email course is similar to our free blogging course because it takes you through the essentials. In Blog Launch Blueprint, you’ll learn:

  • Setting up your blog
  • The technical side of setting up a WordPress blog
  • Finding a theme for your blog
  • Pinterest strategies for your new blog
  • Building your email list
  • Learning monetization strategies
  • Tools and resources every blogger needs

3. Understanding WordPress – How to Navigate Self-Hosted WordPress

For good reason, WordPress is an incredibly popular platform for bloggers. But, if you’re struggling with WordPress at all, this course will walk you through essential WordPress skills.

The course uses screencasts and screenshots to show you how to use WordPress, how to navigate the dashboard, and how to customize your site.

4. Making Sense of Cents How to Start a Blog: Free Email Course

Michelle-Schroeder Gardner is a boss in the personal finance blogosphere. She consistently crushes it with affiliate income and has a lot of motivation and support to offer new bloggers.

Her course is email-based and takes you through deciding on a blog topic to growing your traffic and followers. There’s also an entire lesson dedicated to passive income – the holy grail of blogging income.

5. Week of Code

This is a 7-day email course that teaches you more of the technical aspects of managing your blog. You’ll learn how to format links, fonts, tables, images, and more.

This free blogging course includes videos, cheatsheets, and email text.

6. The 12 Month Blog Plan

This is a self-paced course that teaches you how to create a year-long plan for growing your blog.

7. FB Ads for Bloggers Masterclass

Facebook ads are one of the best ways for bloggers to increase their blog traffic. In this hour-long video course, you’ll get a nice introduction to running FB ads for your blog. You get to watch as Laptop Empires creators Bobby Hoyt and Mike Yanda set up ads manager and start running ads.

You can grab a copy of the course below:

 8. Build a Profitable Blog

This 8-day email course is a valuable free blogging course for new and seasoned bloggers that teaches against the grain lessons for starting and monetizing a blog.

9. The Secret Sauce to Boosting Your Twitter Presence

Social media is a HUGE asset to your blog and this course teaches you how to strategize with Twitter. There are six different text and video lessons that teach you:

  • How to boost your Twitter presence
  • How to schedule your posts
  • How to use your notifications tab to connect with people
  • Staying organized on Twitter
  • Engaging with Twitter chats
  • How videos will make you stand out on Twitter

10. Stupid Simple SEO 5-Day Bootcamp

Neglecting SEO (search engine optimization) is a huge mistake, and this Bootcamp style course takes you through the basics. You’ll learn how to niche down your blog’s relevance, how to do keyword research, creating epic content, link building, and why guest posting can boost your online presence.

11. Snackable Writing Course

This free blogging course teaches essential copywriting techniques that bloggers and other online business owners can use to grow their email list and sell more products.

12. 13-Day Blogging Bootcamp

This is a free blogging course that wants to teach you the secrets rich bloggers aren’t willing to share, including:

  • Teaching others to make money
  • Forgetting original content
  • Creating lists and how-tos to increase your traffic
  • Learning to become an annoying salesman
  • Income reports
  • Niches that aren’t worth your time

13. Start a Blog with Elizabeth Stapleton

This free blogging course focuses on the basics of starting a blog, so it’s geared more towards brand new baby bloggers. It’s still packed with valuable info and digs into some really important technical aspects.

14. Intentional Blogging

This course has 12 lessons, and each lesson is meant to be implemented that day. You’ll learn how to find your voice, guest posting basics, formatting, SEO basics, and more.

15. 5-Day Pinterest Challenge

Pinterest is one way for bloggers to grow their traffic, but it’s way more than just pinning images for your posts and waiting for pageviews. This course teaches you the “way more” of strategizing with Pinterest, including:

  • How to create and optimize your Pinterest profile
  • Strategies for creating viral pins
  • Being present on Pinterest all day with only one hour of work
  • Pinterest myths
  • Most common Pinterest mistakes
  • Bonus training

16. The Strong Brand Mini-Course

This free blogging course teaches you how to turn your blog and message into a brand that you love and can’t wait to promote.

17. Email Lists for Newbies

Bloggers need to focus on building their list from day 1, and this course teaches you email marketing basics, including:

  • What to send your subscribers
  • How to make passive income from your list
  • 8 common email mistakes
  • 3 critical moves you need to make before building your list
  • The only email template you need

And more!

When you’re ready to invest a little cash in your blog

There are obviously some killer free blogging courses, but if you want to learn even more, you might need to invest a little cash… investing in yourself and your blog is something every online entrepreneur has to do from time to time.

These are all the courses we’ve taken, and one we’ve created. Enjoy!

FB Ads for Bloggers

This comprehensive course teaches you how to use Facebook ads to grow and diversify your blog traffic. It’s taught by our very own Bobby Hoyt and Mike Yanda. Mike runs a successful digital marketing agency and Bobby is the blogger behind Millennial Money Man.

In this course, you’ll learn the exact strategy that Bobby used to grow his blog’s yearly visitors from 0 to 2,000,000+ in just 36 months. In terms of income, this strategy helped him bring in over $750,000 in three years.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of several ways to monetize your blog, but it’s more than just slapping affiliate links on your blog. To do it well, you’ll need to learn how to find affiliates, which companies and products to promote, how to maintain and grow your relationships, and more.

This course has become the gold standard for learning how to monetize your blog. And, it’s a great blogging course for beginners to seasoned bloggers who are looking to diversify their income.

You can learn more about this course in our Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review.

Making Sense of Sponsored Posts

Yep, same blogger as the previous course, but we love these courses because they work. Sponsored posts are another profitable monetization method for bloggers, and this course takes you from finding and writing your first sponsored post to creating lasting brand partnerships.

You can learn more about the course in our Making Sense of Sponsored Posts Review.

SEO for bloggers

We love this course – the course creator is super knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. Even more important, what we’ve learned from this course is working!

In the SEO for Bloggers course, you’ll go through 15 video lessons plus three bonus ones that teach you valuable lessons like:

  • Getting your blog ready with the right plug-ins and software
  • How to do keyword research
  • How to research and write content that ranks
  • Tracking your SEO growth
  • How to run a site and SEO audit

Read more about the course in our SEO for Bloggers Review.

The final word on our free blogging course picks

It’s a little trite to say, but knowledge is power.

There is just so much information out there for bloggers. That’s a really cool thing, but it can be hard to sort through everything and find the stuff that works for you.

We put this list together in the hope that you’ll get something out of these courses that grow your blog even more. You might find that one of these courses or teachers has a personality that meshes with your own style while another doesn’t at all. That’s totally cool – you gotta find what works for you!

And really, the best part of these free blogging courses is that they’re free! You can take as many as you like and just keep growing your skills.

If you have any free blogging course suggestions we need to know about, please let us know in the comments!

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