Can you actually make money posting ads on Facebook?

Sure you can! Facebook is a global powerhouse of a social network, and a powerful tool for companies to use ads to reach their customers.

Whether you’re looking to grow your income by a small amount every month or for a full-time income, you can do that by making money posting ads on Facebook.

Ready to learn how?

Let’s get started.

How to Post Ads on Facebook and Make Money

Here’s how it all works:

Facebook ads attract consumers. Companies know this and use ads to find customers so they can steer traffic to their business and accomplish their goals. Common goals for ads are:

  • Create brand awareness
  • Make money
  • Grow their network

Let’s jump in.

6 Ways to Post Ads on Facebook and Make Money

1. Working for an Agency

The first way you can make money posting Facebook ads for companies is working for an agency.

An agency is made up of a group of freelancers or employees working toward a common goal. The agency typically centers around one type of marketing and focuses on working with clients who have that core need.

Here are some examples of agencies:

  • Facebook ad agencies: Working to run Facebook ads for clients.
  • Content agencies: Producing content for companies like articles, blog posts, etc.
  • Digital marketing agencies: Handling the digital marketing needs of businesses.
  • Social media management agencies: Creating and managing social media for clients.

An agency can be online only or have a brick and mortar presence. Either way, they offer a solid opportunity to make money with Facebook ads.

You should target agencies that do digital marketing or Facebook ads. You can find these agencies online with a thorough online search in Google, finding agencies in social groups like Facebook groups, forums, on LinkedIn, and online job banks like Indeed.

Once you find one or more agencies you’d like to work for, the first step is to reach out for work.

Each agency will have its own process for this. Some may require a job application while others will just have you email them with your interest.

Go through the process and once accepted, you’ll get onboarded with that agency and be one step closer to making money with Facebook ads.


  • Working in a team environment
  • Getting support from peers and management
  • Training/support materials may be provided
  • Steady work


  • Potential for being micromanaged
  • Unlimited pay does not exist
  • You may be required to work a schedule
  • Structured work environment

2. Working as a Freelance Digital Marketer

You can also make money with Facebook ads by working as a freelance digital marketer. As a freelance digital marketer, you’ll work for yourself, essentially.

You can find clients in places like:

  • Online job banks
  • Referrals or word of mouth
  • Social networks

How It Works

This is the kind of job you’ll love if you’re an introvert and enjoy working independently. You can call the shots and be the boss here.

Unlike working in an agency, you’ll be in charge of the kind of clients you work with, the prices you set, your schedule, your work environment, and more.

Like working for an agency on Facebook ads, some of the tasks you’ll do may include:

  • Creating, running, and testing ads
  • Scaling ads
  • Creating funnels for leads
  • Reporting results to clients

It’s not unusual to make up to $1,000-$2,000 per client, which means you can work on as few as 2-3 clients, making $2,000 to $6,000 per month.

Perform well and get results for your client.

You can form long-lasting relationships with them, which means stable income and the possibility of more business in the future since happy customers usually make referrals to their peers and coworkers.

Plus, this could turn into an opportunity for fulltime income, where you can leave your day job and work creating and running Facebook ad campaigns for your clients.


  • Full-time income potential
  • Be the boss and work for yourself
  • Work from home
  • Create your dream schedule


  • Potential difficulty finding clients
  • No support from a team
  • You’ll work every part of your business: client onboarding, billing, etc.
  • Work/life balance constraints

If this sounds exciting to you, check out our guide on how to run Facebook ads for clients in 5 simple steps.

3. Running Ads for Local Businesses

We live in an online world. Businesses are realizing this and becoming more amenable to using digital ads for attracting customers, and abandoning the old ways of advertising like billboards, flyers, and direct mail.

Running ads for local businesses means that you get a chance to connect with and help businesses make this digital transformation.

While you’ll be working with local businesses in your area, this doesn’t necessarily mean face-to-face meetings or commuting all over town to meet with business owners. You can still run your business entirely online, aside from potentially an initial in-person meeting.

Running Facebook ads for local businesses is one of my favorite ways to post ads on Facebook and make money because it’s so easy to find clients.

You can also choose to specialize in a niche, like being the “Facebook ads expert” for dentists. The chance for gaining referrals is high since local businesses mingle with other local businesses, including competitors.


  • Full-time income potential
  • Easy to gain new clients through word-of-mouth


  • Independent work
  • In-person meetings may be required

4. Working as a Virtual Assistant

VAs help businesses and busy professionals run their businesses. Companies outsource task work to virtual assistants to help them be better organized and focus their attention on other business activities.

Among other responsibilities, some tasks that you might do as a virtual assistant can include:

  • Answering emails
  • Taking notes during virtual summits and conferences
  • Social media management
  • Calendar management
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Bookkeeping

If you like playing around on Pinterest, there’s a VA opportunity for that! We know several Pinterest Virtual Assistants that make bank! Check out the PinterestVA course if to learn more.

Knowing how to run Facebook ads can also be a very valuable trait as a virtual assistant.

This means your client can potentially outsource Facebook ad creation, campaign management, and related duties to you. It’s one less position that they have to hire out for and can mean a higher salary for you.

What you’ll love about being a virtual assistant is that you’ll have many tasks to work on during the day. You’ll definitely never get bored. The time will go by quickly and as a virtual assistant, and you’re not limited to working with just one client.

What you may not like is the possible micromanagement that may happen from your clients. Plus, with your own business, you may find that work/balance conflict can arise. It can be tough to separate work from personal life so this can be a challenge.

You can manage multiple clients to amplify your income big time.


  • Full-time income potential
  • Virtual work
  • Flexible schedule in some cases


  • Multiple daily tasks may feel overwhelming
  • Possible micromanagement from clients
  • Potential work/life balance conflict
Learn how to become a Virtual Assistant in 30 days.

5. Creating a Digital Agency

Earlier, we discussed what it’s like working at a digital agency. As a freelancer or employee, you’ll work in a team where your boss will outsource agency work to you, which may include Facebook ad management among other responsibilities.

But you can also create a digital agency of your own!

Making your own agency places you in a management role where you can delegate and outsource work to freelancers who report to you.

You’ll also likely make more money operating as an agency owner than if you worked in an agency as a worker.

The best part is, you don’t necessarily need to do any Facebook ads or digital marketing work yourself. But you should have a background and knowledge about these things since you’ll be checking over the work of your staff.

How Does It Work?

After your agency is formed and you have freelance workers on standby to take on work, you’ll get busy finding clients. As clients are secured, you can outsource their campaign to your staff and manage the entire process.

What people love about running their own agency is that they can be the boss, create their dream schedule, and have basically unlimited income potential, though going this route can be a lot of work. You will manage a team, review their work, and make sure clients remain happy. And, if running your agency from home, work/life balance adjustments may need to be made so conflict doesn’t arise.


  • Unlimited income potential
  • Be the boss
  • Flexible schedule


  • Lots of work to create and build up the agency
  • Management work required
  • Potential work/life balance conflict

To learn more, read our free guide on how to start a Facebook ad agency.

6. Work for Yourself Using Facebook Ads to Drive Ads to Your Website

Lastly, one of the smartest things you can do making money to post Facebook ads is by using those ads to drive business to your own website!

You can operate any kind of website you’d like, including:

  • Digital agency
  • E-commerce store
  • Blog
  • Service business, like bookkeeping, virtual assistance, social media management, consulting, etc.

Use your knowledge of Facebook ads to drive an unlimited traffic stream to your website. Traffic can turn into leads, which can turn into income for you.


  • Unlimited income potential
  • Flexible schedule


  • Budget required for Facebook ad campaigns
  • Testing required until you find the right ads

Make Money Posting Ads for Companies

If you’re looking for ways to making money posting ads for companies, it really boils down to this:

  • Finding companies to work for
  • Avoiding scams
  • Learning how to post ads for businesses the right way

Finding Companies to Work With

You can take advantage of one or more of the opportunities shared above to make money running Facebook ads for companies.

The key to success is finding those companies to work for.

This can mean finding businesses locally, connecting with a brand in a Facebook group, responding to a posting on LinkedIn, or many other ways.

Once you master this, you’ll be set.

Avoiding Scams

In today’s internet age, scams are all around us. Even when you’re applying for work, you’ve got to be vigilant to avoid falling for a scam.

What do scams look like?

They usually require you to join a membership or program or pay some kind of fee to get work or make money.

This is a huge red flag.

Bottom line, if it feels too good to be true, it probably is.

Learning How to Post Ads

And then, there’s learning how to post Facebook ads the right way, through a proven strategy with guidance and training.

Yes, there is a wrong way to do it, which can cost you time and money.

Trying to figure things out yourself can cost you a lot of your time. You’ll be sifting and sorting through a ton of data, trying to uncover how to get started, tools and resources required, and a clear plan to follow.

It will take you much longer in the end, compared to taking a course from the start. And that lost time translates to lost money because the time you’re spending trying to learn can be spent on acquiring clients and running Facebook ads for them.

There is a step-by-step plan to help you master Facebook ads, growing your income by $1,000 to $2,000 per month, or more.

If you’re serious about really learning Facebook ads. Save your time. Don’t spend weeks and weeks scouring the internet for free sources only to get a piece of what you need to know, here and there.

Get the best training and make back your investment with our course, which will leave you with valuable skills you can take with you on jobs in the future.

Final Word on How to Post Ads on Facebook and Make Money

This wraps it up. The key takeaway is that there are many legitimate ways to make money by posting Facebook ads. To get started with this, pick one thing and master it before you move onto anything else.

For example, start by working with local businesses running Facebook ads. Master that skill. Then in the future look at pursuing ways to create your own agency, if that’s something that interests you.

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