Pinterest Virtual Assistant Course Review: How to Start a Pinterest Management Side Hustle

Pinterest Virtual Assistant Course Review: How to Start a Pinterest Management Side Hustle

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Crafters, printable makers, pinners, etc., what if you could get paid to do something you’re probably already doing every day? That is, Pinning on Pinterest.

Becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant for bloggers, online entrepreneurs, and business owners is a real side hustle and a great venture if running Facebook ads isn’t the type of thing you’re interested in. It’s also something that can earn you an extra $1,000-$2,000 a month doing on the side.

But, even if you already use Pinterest on a regular basis, there is a lot to learn before being able to use Pinterest to bring traffic in for others, which is why the Pinterest Virtual Assistant Course by Kristin Larsen is a must have for this side hustle.

Like always, one reminder: this course is designed to help you, but it’s not an overnight thing! You have to work it and find clients. However, Kristin shares so much valuable information about Pinterest that literally no one knows, making you the best possible candidate for Pinterest VA jobs after taking the course.

But first… What does a Pinterest virtual assistant do?

Pinterest is a robust social media platform that a lot of folks underestimate. Did you know that Pinterest has over 250 million active users? Or that they’re worth $15 billion? Or that Millennials use Pinterest as much as they use Instagram?

Or, wait for it… that roughly half of Pinterest users make over $50,000 a year?

That is a goldmine, people.

Pinterest clearly has a big audience for online business owners to leverage, and that’s why becoming a Pinterest VA is a great side hustle option. Online business owners need to utilize Pinterest, but it can take a lot of time for them to learn and implement the necessary skills. Most would rather outsource those tasks to a freelancer so they can get back to what they do best – running their business.

A Pinterest VA is going to:

  • Know how to optimize images
  • Know how to pinpoint keywords and categories
  • Know when and how to Pin strategically (yes… there is a strategy to Pinning!)
  • Know what titles are going to work and which will probably flop
  • Be proactive and decent at troubleshooting on behalf of others

A Pinterest VA’s entire job is to help entrepreneurs, bloggers, and business owners increase their online presence. You can do this in a variety of ways, depending on what you like about Pinterest and what calls to you once you start your virtual assistant position for someone.

A fair warning: you really gotta like Pinterest to do this job. Oh, you do? Then read on!

The faces behind the Pinterest VA Course

Let’s chat a little about Kristin and Gina, the original creators of the Pinterest VA Course. This lovely pair of ladies have their collective hands all over the internet.

Gina is a freelance writer who teaches other freelance writers to be successful and is most well known for her 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success (a timeframe she applied to the Pinterest VA course, too). She’s been incredibly successful in bringing herself up from struggling to balance a 9-5 job with two kids to working for herself from home. In fact, she turned full-time freelancer in just a few short months and is totally rocking the scene now.

Kristin Larsen is a fellow finance blogger and is in a similar niche as Millennial Money Man. She runs Believe in a Budget, which is incredibly popular among millennial women. In fact, her blog has a slightly more feminine focus, like how to choose pinks that draw the eye and feminine WordPress themes that any girl will love… or guy.

Anyway, Kristin also focuses a lot on side hustles and how beneficial they can be for your financial life, which is how she and Gina got to know each other.

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What you’ll learn from the Pinterest Virtual Assistant Course

Like the Facebook Side Hustle Course and Facebook Ads for Bloggers, the Pinterest VA course is taught through Teachable, a popular platform for courses like these. Unlike many of the courses that we’ve seen on Teachable, this one has a lot of written modules. The videos are few and far between, but the ones that are available help a potential VA understand the process of doing specific Pinterest virtual assistant tasks.

The nice thing about the text-based format is that it makes it super easy to scroll back through and find something you were looking for, and it makes it easy to reread if you just don’t get it the first time, which can be really helpful for some learners.

Here is a list of modules in the Become a Pinterest VA Today course:

  • Module 1: Information on what makes a good Pinterest VA and a good client FOR a Pinterest VA
  • Module 2: Services You Can Offer, How Much to Charge and Goal Setting for Your New Biz
  • Module 3: How to Find and Land Clients
  • Module 4: How to Work With Clients
  • Module 5: How to Expand Your PVA Business

In addition to the modules, one of the most valuable parts of this course is the tech training. The tech training is absolute gold and makes this course more than worth its cost. It’s incredibly valuable information on the type of stuff that many future Pinterest VAs won’t understand in the beginning.

For example, we all know how to Pin. But do you know how to enable rich Pins? Find influencers? Use Tailwind? Create a Looping Schedule?

No? Gina and Kristin will show you how!

Tech training included in the Pinterest VA course:

  • Pinterest
  • Tailwind, SmartLoop, and Tailwind Tribes
  • Pin Design
  • Reviewing Analytics
  • Promoted Pins

In addition, the course comes with a couple of lovely freebies, including some success stories for finding your motivation and a Tailwind pinning calendar.

There’s also a Pinterest Post Facebook group to help you figure out just exactly how to start Pinning and to cheer on your peers in the meantime (this is included in your first 60 days and then $99 every two months after that).

Everything’s super easy to consume and well-done, so it’s possible to get through this entire course in just a few days if you really wanted to. However, the information is dense. You’ll want to go through the tech training information at least a few times, even if you are a Pinterest extraordinaire!

The cost of the Pinterest Virtual Assistant Course

The Pinterest VA course is not a cheap course. It’ll run you $897 plus another $99 to get into the Facebook group.


Because the course does have a strong focus on helping you find clients, it’s likely that you’ll earn that back fairly quickly. The average client signing up is worth about $500, so you will probably earn your investment back with your second client.

On the sales page for the Pinterest VA course, you can meet a few students who’ve done really well since taking the course. One standout is Heidi. She’s a single mom and had a limited income until finding Pinterest VA. It only took her a few weeks to land a client because she was feeling so confident and then she picked up a few more.

In just a few months, Heidi had earned the course cost back six times over. Whoo!

Click on this Becoming a Pinterest VA Today link to learn more.

The bonuses that come with the Pinterest VA Course

Kristin and Gina work really hard to help you find clients – their goal is for you to find a client within 60 days – and they offer several bonuses to help with that. The Pinterest VA bonuses include:

  • Exclusive client leads inside the Pinterest post community ($250-$600 a month per client)
  • Six Live Bonus Training Question & Answer Sessions
  • Weekly Office Hours with Kristin and Gina for Life
  • Promoted Pins Training
  • 60 Free Days in the Pinterest Post Community ($99 every two months after that)
  • Client Monthly Analytics Template and Report
  • Two Free Months of Tailwind
  • Lifetime Access to the Program + Free Updates to the Materials
  • Client Onboarding Workbook

That’s a lot of really valuable bonus content.

Why Laptop Empires loves the Pinterest VA Course

  • Lots and lots of info. Gina and Kristen know way more than the average Pinner, and they pass it all onto you. It can feel dense at times, but that’s because they are telling you everything you need to know to get the most out of Pinterest for your clients. And, if you ever have questions about that info, you have lifetime access to them every week.
  • The Facebook Group. First of all, their online community is a positive and supportive place for Pinterest VAs to help and network with their peers. The even bigger benefit is that Gina and Kristen pass the leads they generate through their website to the students in the Facebook group.
  • Their 3 B’s Approach. Businesses, Bloggers, Brands. Those are going to be your targets when you’re looking for a client for your first VA job. It’s a simple, easy to remember approach.
  • Updates for life! Like any other social media platform, Pinterest is constantly updating, and that means you’ll need to learn how to work with those changes. The Pinterest VA course provides lifetime updates so that you’re always on top of the newest Pinning strategies.
  • Comprehensive training. Gina and Kristen walk you through how to create a “hire me” page, where and when to look for clients, how to cold pitch, and more. If you don’t know anything about Tailwind or their other recommended services, no problem. There’s training for that too.

What Laptop Empires thinks could be improved

  • You have to like Pinterest a lot. This might sound nitpicky, but this course really will not capture your attention unless you like the frilly, bright, vibrant Pinterest world. There is such a thing as a good Pin and a bad one, and you’ll need to learn how to really work the ins and outs of Pinterest to be a good VA.
  • Extensive technical knowledge is required. You’ll need to watch the technical modules two or three times a piece, even if you do know Pinterest pretty well. There’s a lot to know about the Pinterest + Tailwind + ScheduleLoop combination. The good news: you have the course for life, so you can watch it as many times as it takes.

Overall, the Pinterest VA course is worth the dollars and makes a great side hustle sister for the FB Side Hustle course. Facebook ads aren’t for everyone – some people will find Pinning on Pinterest more fulfilling as a side hustle.

Here’s the other great thing about trying the Become a Pinterest VA Today course, it comes with a seven-day money-back guarantee. Every dollar goes back in your pocket if you just don’t think it’s for you.

Question for you:

What do you think about the Pinterest VA course?

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