Facebook Side Hustle Course Review 2020


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Want a flexible, profitable, and work-from-home side hustle? Then you need this Facebook Side Hustle Course review.

 With more and more small businesses realizing that Facebook is one of the best platforms for increasing their exposure, running Facebook ads for local businesses has become a profitable side hustle.

Business owners can spend a fraction of their ad budget on a highly visible platform, and a skilled ad manager can come up with an ad strategy that brings in real results.

With a laptop, internet connection, and just a few hours a week, you can use the Facebook Side Hustle Course to learn how to run ads and even start your own digital ad agency.

Facebook Side Hustle Course Review 2020

Running Facebook ads is a legit side hustle

A side hustle is an excellent way to bring in some extra cash, but here’s the thing: not all side hustles are created equal. Some don’t pay you well for your time. Some offer no room for growth. And some are straight up scams.

Running Facebook ads pays well for the work you’re doing – you can earn around $1,000/month per client.

You can also scale your ad agency: a number of Facebook Side Hustle Course students are making over $5,000/month now. Some have even made running Facebook ads their full-time job.

And running Facebook ads is a 100% legit business: you are creating, testing, and managing ad campaigns for small businesses on the largest social media network in the world.

It’s also a flexible side hustle that can be done remotely from home in just a few extra hours a week. This makes it a great way to bring in some extra cash if you’re a stay-at-home parent, have a 9-5 job, or have multiple side hustles already.

Let’s go back to the legitimacy of Facebook ads…

Large companies pay marketing teams to run their Facebook ads because they know how valuable the platform is. These teams manage the creative, the copy, the advertising strategies, etc. But small business owners just don’t have those resources.

If a small business owner wants to compete with any of the big guys, they will have to try to learn and run Facebook ads on their own, or they’ll need to find someone to do it for them. And someone who is trained to run an effective ad strategy can bring significant value to a small business owner.

Here’s an example: Say a local business owner knows that each new customer brings in around $250/month. If one Facebook ad can bring 10 new customers in their door, that’s $2,500 a month. 15-20 new customers is $3,750 to $5,000.

Most business owners will see those sales as a pretty good ROI.

Now, explaining this value and the potential in your newly minted Facebook ad management skills might seem daunting, but this is actually part of what you’ll learn in the Facebook Side Hustle Course.

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The Facebook Side Hustle Course review: What the course comes with

The Facebook Side Hustle Course includes nine video-based modules that focus on these three things:

  1. How to set up a Facebook ad system for local businesses
  2. How to find clients that need this service
  3. Getting those potential clients to say “yes”

That’s the simplest way of explaining the structure, but the course is really incredibly comprehensive. You learn how to run a complete ad system: creating the ad itself, setting the campaign objective, targeting an audience, creating a funnel for leads, and what your client should do with those leads when they roll in.

An entirely different course might just teach you how to create an ad and run it, but a good Facebook ad course is going to teach you how to find clients and follow up. This sets you up to run a profitable business. And isn’t that what you’re looking for?

Here are the modules in the Facebook Side Hustle Course:

  • Module 1 – The Basics: The first module covers how Facebook ads can be used to generate leads for local businesses, and provides a walkthrough of their ad platform, ad placement options, the three levels of an ad campaign, and more.
  • Module 2 – The Funnel: Learn what a funnel is and how to create them. This also covers how to use funnels to generate leads, create a landing page, set up a lead form, and more.
  • Module 3 – The Ad: Go over how to choose the correct campaign objective, the basics of targeting, how to choose the best images, and all about direct response copywriting.
  • Module 4 – Facebook Assets: Learn what the Facebook pixel is and how to install it, as well as standard events and custom conversions.
  • Module 5 – Walkthroughs: These are A-Z walkthroughs that will help you create your first conversion and lead form campaigns.
  • Module 6 – Best Practices: You’ll learn the Golden Rule of testing ads, and how to scale your clients’ ads the right way.
  • Module 7 – Troubleshooting Your Ads: Just what it sounds like: find any problems and solve them!
  • Module 8 – Setting Yourself Up: Walkthrough how to set up your client’s Facebook Page, as well as Business Manager for yourself. You’ll also learn all about the tools that will make running your business easier.
  • Module 9 – Landing Your First Client: Learn what niches to target, how to use your “inner circle”, landing clients via email, the sale conversion, getting paid, and onboarding clients.

You have lifetime access to the course, so you can always go back and revisit lessons as needed.

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Facebook Side Hustle Course bonuses

Those nine modules are full of awesome nuggets, but the course comes with some pretty great extras that only increase its value.

Bonus #1: One month of personal coaching and support inside the private Laptop Empires community

This coaching and support community is run by the course creators and offers near-daily wisdom from the creators or other seasoned ad managers. It’s a space to ask questions, get feedback, and find general support while you get started.

Live trainings, coaching calls, and hot seats are posted regularly in the group so you can learn even more. This will give you more specialized support and troubleshooting tips. Here’s an example:


Bonus #2: Mike’s 8-Step Client Call Script

This is a word-for-word script that Mike (more about him a little farther down in this Facebook Side Hustle Course review) uses to close deals with new clients.

Bonus #3: The Ultimate Lead Follow-Up System

This bonus helps you create a system that takes the leads you’re bringing in for your clients and converts them into paying customers. You aren’t just running ads – you’re bringing sales.

Bonus #4: Client Lead Tracking Automation System

You’ll learn how to set up a system that notifies your clients when they get a new lead from Facebook. This helps them follow up with those leads so they don’t lose their chance on a potential customer. Automating the system makes it super easy for clients: they are notified when a lead comes in, and it shows them that your ad strategy is working.

The creators of the Facebook Side Hustle Course

This course was created by Mike Yanda and Bobby Hoyt to bring in a diverse set of Facebook ad skills.

Mike was a lawyer who learned how to run Facebook ads to grow his fitness coaching side hustle. His ads were bringing in leads, and other business owners started noticing. Mike realized there was more money in ads than coaching, so he shifted his focus to ads alone.

His ad agency started doing so well that he decided to go all-in and completely quit practicing law. He’s now bringing in $30,000/month while working from home with his three kids.

Bobby is the blogger behind Millennial Money Man, but before that he was a high school band teacher. He quit his teaching job to blog full time, but started running Facebook ads to supplement his income.

After a few months of running ads for local businesses, he was outearning what he made as a teacher. He also applied his ad skills to his blog – Millennial Money Man now has over 2 million unique visitors a year.

These guys aren’t self-proclaimed gurus. They’re real people who have learned how to run Facebook ads and know what a great side hustle it is. And that’s exactly what they teach.

What the course is like

Each of the lessons are led by either Bobby or Mike, and you get the feeling that you’re looking over their shoulder while they set up their ad manager, create ads, etc. These guys are super approachable and give you practical, no-nonsense guidance.

The video lessons are short – around 10-15 minutes long that break everything down into digestible chunks. It’s recommended that you spend 1-2 days on each module so you don’t rush through and have time to implement what you’ve learned.


These are real-world marketing strategies

One of the most valuable parts of the Facebook Side Hustle Course is that you learn marketing strategies that you can apply across other platforms. Yes, there are a lot of important and very Facebook-specific skills (like learning their ad management software), but writing good ad copy, for example, is pretty universal.

Learning client acquisition strategies, how to create sales funnels, and targeting audiences will be useful on other platforms, too. You might even be able to use these skills in other aspects of your professional life.


How much does the course cost?

The Facebook Side Hustle Course is $497, and that’s on the low end of what Facebook ad courses generally cost (some are double that amount!). But that’s not because it’s not valuable – it’s to keep the course accessible.

Remember that one client is worth $1,000/month. That means you only need one client to earn back your investment.

And don’t forget about the bonuses, which are worth a combined $500.

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Real-world successes

Social proof is one of the best ways to illustrate what this course can do.






Facebook Side Hustle Course review – the final word

If you’re looking to increase your income, running Facebook ads is a solid side hustle. You can realistically make an extra $1,000-$2,000/month in just a few extra hours per week. And the Facebook Side Hustle Course can help you get there.

It has real, tested strategies that are updated whenever Facebook rolls out changes. You also learn skills that can transfer over to other platforms and other parts of your life – that’s even more value.

But what you actually get out of the course is up to you. You have to put the work in to go through the modules and find clients. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme… it’s a legit side hustle that you can learn how to do if you put your mind to it.

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