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We're Bobby and Mike, and over the past 5 years we've helped 5,421 Learn how to extra money from the comfort of their own couch. (Pick what you're interested in below to start learning.)

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Leverage your skills NOW to create a life you love.

Do you want financial freedom to spend, save, or invest? How about more free time to do what you love or the freedom of being your own boss and doing what you do best?

Side hustles can buy that freedom.

Use what’s left of this year to learn what you need to know to start a side business that you can scale next year.

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Meet the Guys

About bobby and mike

Mike (former stressed out lawyer) and Bobby (former stressed out band director) have achieved freedom in their life that they never would have thought was possible. How? Their online businesses. Bobby left his job to become a full-time blogger, and Mike left his to become a stay-at-home dad and run his digital marketing agency full-time.

Now they both work from home, spend time with their families, have fun doing what they love, and make a whole lotta money doing it.

If you’re ready to create a legitimate online business that you can scale to full time income working when and where YOU want to, Mike and Bobby can help you get there.

 Free Workshop: Start an Advertising Agency Today

In this free training, discover whether starting an agency business is right for you, and how to build a profitable agency in the next 30 days.

"To say that Laptop Empires changed my life is an understatement. I went from an overstressed, under-compassionate wife and mom working for someone else to a business owner who creates her daily routine around the things that matter most. The FBSH course is amazing and the support group is the happiest place on the internet. Thanks Mike and Bobby!"

– Melanie Beran

"This course really changed the trajectory of my online business! Before I took the course, I was struggling to find high-paying skills that could land me clients that I actually wanted to work with. Using their strategies and course content, I was able to grow my digital marketing business to over $5k months in a little over a year. If you're ready to put in the work, this ABSOLUTELY can be one of the most profitable side hustles available to you!"

– Rachel Nice

"Where do I even start with Laptop Empires? Bobby and Mike have changed my life in ways I could never imagine. From making thousands of dollars through the FBSH course, to lessons learned from the LE group community that I have applied to my life and career, I’m so grateful I found them. Hands down the best investment of my life!"

– Tony Rubbo

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