The Best Facebook Ads Training of 2020


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What’s the best Facebook ads training? How can you get started running Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are one of the best ways for small business owners to reach new customers. With over 2 billion users, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. But here’s the really important part: Facebook has sophisticated targeting options so you can put ads in front of the right kind of users.

The advertising tools Facebook offers means business owners can effectively use their advertising dollars. But most of those business owners lack the time and energy it takes to run a solid ad campaign, so they look for people with ads training that they can hire.

That’s why you need the best Facebook ads training out there, one that teaches you how to tap into the most robust and targeted ad platform ever.

We’re confident that the Facebook Side Hustle Course hits the mark. You can learn how to become a skilled ads manager and earn an extra $1,000-$2,000/month per client, and that’s with just 2-3 hours a week.

What you learn in the Facebook Side Hustle Course

This course gives you a comprehensive education in how to create, target, test, and troubleshoot Facebook ads. But you’re also going to learn how to find and land clients so you can put your newly acquired ads knowledge to good use.


In total, there are 9 video-based modules that teach:

  • The Basics: You’re getting foundational knowledge on how Facebook ads can be used to generate leads for local businesses, a walkthrough of the ad platform, ad placement options, the three levels of an ad campaign, and more.
  • The Funnel: This is an incredibly important part of the ads training process because sales funnels help you generate leads for your clients. You’ll learn how to set up a landing page, a lead form, and more.
  • The Ad: This is the nitty-gritty details on running ads, including how to choose the correct campaign objective, targeting basics, picking the best images, and direct response copywriting.
  • Facebook Assets: All about the Facebook pixel, including how to install it, the standard events, and custom conversions.
  • Walkthroughs: You get A-Z walkthroughs that will help you create your first conversion and lead form campaigns.
  • Best Practices: The Golden Rule of testing ads, and how to scale your clients’ ads the right way.
  • Troubleshooting Your Ads: If something isn’t working for one of your ads, this ads training teaches you how to fix it. You will learn how to identify problems and then solve them.
  • Setting Yourself Up: This is how to set up your client’s Facebook page, set up Business Manager for yourself, and all about the tools that will make running your business easier.
  • Landing Your First Client: This module helps you get to work. Learn all about which niches to target, using your “inner circle”, landing clients via email, the sale conversion, getting paid, and onboarding clients.

Facebook occasionally makes platform changes, and the Facebook Side Hustle Course is updated regularly to help you learn about the changes and how you can use them.

Start your ads training today!

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How long does this ads training take?

These are all self-paced video lessons, and they run about 12 hours in total. It’s recommended that you spend 1-2 days on each module. This gives you the opportunity to really consume the material.

If you ever need to go back to a lesson, you have lifetime access to the course. Lots of students do this to get a refresher on things that become more relevant as they take on different clients.

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The creators of this Facebook ads training course

The Facebook Side Hustle Course was created by two guys with real-world experience running ads for clients and starting their own businesses.

Mike Yanda started running Facebook ads for his own online fitness coaching business when he was in law school.

Post-law school, he started running ads for other businesses to help pay off his law school debt. His agency blew up to the point that he was making more running ads than he was practicing la

He made the decision to leave his life as an attorney and focus solely on his Facebook ad agency, which he now runs as a work-at-home dad to his three kids. What started as a side hustle has grown into a $30k monthly income from Facebook ads.

Bobby Hoyt is the other half of the Facebook Side Hustle Course, and he’s also the blogger behind the popular personal finance site Millennial Money Man.

Bobby was a high school band director who quit his secure teaching job to blog full time, and he started running ads for local businesses as a way to supplement his income while his site grew. After a few months, he was making more money from his digital ad agency than he was as a teacher.

Running Facebook ads for M$M has been a huge part of his traffic strategy, and it’s helped him reach nearly 2,000,000 people a year.

Bobby and Mike didn’t just create the Facebook Side Hustle Course because they have experience running ads. They also wanted to help people who are looking for new ways to make extra money.

Running Facebook ads is a profitable side hustle, and it’s a flexible business model that you can grow.

Oh yeah… the bonuses!

This Facebook ads training course comes with some stellar bonuses that really amplify its value. By the far the most valuable bonus is one month of free access to the Laptop Empires private Facebook community.

This is a diverse group of ads managers who are there to support and learn from each other. It’s honestly a great way to gain knowledge from people who run ads in different niches and are at different levels. The course creators share weekly bonus content.

Some of the most recent bonus trainings in the group have been:

  • ConvertKit workshop to help you grow your email list
  • Refresher lesson on how to choose a campaign objective
  • How to Pay Yourself First With Email – a training from Chris Orzechowski, a masterful email marketer
  • Guest coaching call with Larry Ludwig, who teaches bloggers how to up their SEO and affiliate marketing game

All of those extras are archived in the group so you can go back and review them at any time.

This group is also full of some of the most amazing up-and-coming Facebook ads managers, and it’s an encouraging environment where you can share your successes, ask questions, and grow your knowledge. Here are some nuggets from the group:






The Facebook Side Hustle Course also comes with the exact 9 Step Client Call Script that Mike uses in his agency. You also get The Ultimate Lead Follow-Up System and Client Lead Tracking Automation System – both of these will help you and your clients track new leads.

How much does this Facebook ads training cost?

This Facebook ads training course is currently $497. The course is priced on the mid to low end as far as courses like this go – you can easily find some that are well over $1,000. But the goal was to make sure this course is accessible.

And here’s the other purpose of that price…

Just one client is all it takes to make your money back. That’s a darn good ROI in our opinion.

Take me to the Facebook Side Hustle Course!

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What if you’re not ready to pay for ads training

If you’re in the early stages of researching Facebook ads training you might not be ready to invest in your education. And there’s honestly a lot of great, free knowledge out there.

Here are links to some mini Facebook ads training lessons you can find on our site.

Getting started with Facebook ads:

Sizes, specs, and more:

Specific ad placement options:

Funnels and landing pages:

Running a Facebook ad agency:

You can also check out the Laptop Empires YouTube channel where Mike Yanda walks you through Facebook ad training specifics.

Here are two of our most popular videos for Facebook ad managers:

The final word on Facebook ads training

Learning how to run Facebook ads is an investment in yourself. You’re spending time learning a valuable skill that pays for future financial success. You’re learning to make money that will help you pay off debt, save for retirement, or invest. Or maybe your goal is to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Whatever it is, getting solid ads training can help you get to work and realizing your goals.


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