Facebook Ad Training: The Best Resources For 2020


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If you’re looking for Facebook ad training, there is a lot online. A lot of great courses, and some not-so-great ones.

Facebook ad training is essential if you want to start a successful side hustle running Facebook ads for small businesses — think earning $1,000 extra each month. It’s also essential if you want to learn how to use Facebook to drive traffic for your own business.

So today, we’re going to help you cut through the noise and find the best Facebook ad training. You will learn:

  • What makes for good Facebook ad training
  • Our top pick for the best Facebook ad training course
  • Facebook ad training to grow your own business
  • And, free Facebook ad training

The best Facebook ad training resources in 2020

What is Facebook ad training?

Facebook ad training teaches you the ins and outs of running ads on Facebook, which continues to be one of the best platforms for small business owners to reach new customers and clients.

There is Facebook ad training out there that will help people run ads for business owners, and courses to help you run ads for your own business (more on this a little later on). But the core lessons should be the same.

Here’s what good Facebook ad training will teach you:

  • The basics of Facebook ads, including how to set up your accounts
  • How to use FB ads to generate leads
  • How to design eye-catching ads with the right images and copy
  • About the different campaign objectives
  • How to target and retarget audiences
  • Creating custom and lookalike audiences
  • Troubleshooting ads

If you’re running Facebook ads for other business owners, you’ll also want ad training that focuses on client acquisition, onboarding, getting paid, and also how to follow up on your clients’ new leads. This helps you build your business too.

And a killer Facebook ad training course will also cover sales funnels — this for anyone running Facebook ads. Sales funnels take new leads on a journey from interest to conversion.

Read more at Facebook Marketing Training: How to Top Resources Compare and 5 of The Best Facebook Marketing Courses to Blow Your Mind.

So, what are the best Facebook ad training courses?

Now that you understand what you’re looking for, let’s talk about courses. Well… really one course.

The one you need to know about is the Facebook Side Hustle Course.

The Facebook Side Hustle Course has comprehensive Facebook ad training for anyone who wants to earn extra money running ads for small business owners.

The premise of the course is simple. You’ll learn:

  1. How to set up a Facebook ad system for local businesses
  2. How to find clients that need this service
  3. Getting those potential clients to say “yes”

You don’t need a background in marketing, advertising, or anything else to get started. But you need to be ready to learn and apply the lessons. The Facebook Side Hustle course covers everything you need in nine video-based modules and four valuable pieces of bonus content.

Here’s the Facebook ad training you’ll receive via nine video-based modules:

  • The Basics: How Facebook ads can be used to generate leads for local businesses, a walkthrough of the ad platform, ad placement options, three levels of the ad campaign, and more.
  • The Funnel: What a funnel is and how to create and use them to generate leads, creating a landing page, setting up a lead form, and more.
  • The Ad: Choosing the correct campaign objective, targeting basics, choosing the best images, and direct response copywriting.
  • Facebook Assets: All about the Facebook pixel, how to install the pixel, and standard events and custom conversions.
  • Walkthroughs: These are A-Z walkthroughs that will help you create your first conversion and lead form campaigns.
  • Best Practices: The Golden Rule of testing ads, and how to scale your clients ads the right way.
  • Troubleshooting Your Ads: Just what it sounds like — find the problems and solve them!
  • Setting Yourself Up: Setting up your client’s Facebook page, setting up Business Manager for yourself, and all about the tools that will make running your business easier.
  • Landing Your First Client: Which niches to target, looking to your “inner circle,” landing clients via email, the sale conversion, getting paid, and onboarding clients.

Those modules tick all of the boxes in what makes for good Facebook ad training, and it’s updated regularly to keep up with platform changes.

These are self-paced lessons, and it takes around 1-2 days to complete each module. You also have lifetime access to all of the course content, including the bonuses…

Check out the Facebook Side Hustle Course

Bonus Facebook ad training content

The Facebook Side Hustle Course also includes four bonuses, and the first is something we’re really excited about — one free month of personal coaching inside our Laptop Empires support community.

It’s a great way to connect with other Facebook ad managers, from newbies to seasoned experts. You can bounce ideas off of one another, get help, and there are weekly live trainings and coaching calls.

Here are some examples of what you’ll find in that group:


The other bonus content includes:

  • 9-Step Client Call Script
  • The Ultimate Lead Follow-Up System
  • Client Lead Tracking Automation System

Take me to the Facebook Side Hustle Course!

What if you want Facebook ad training for your own business?

We also have another course called Facebook Ads for Bloggers, which teaches the same skills you’ll learn in the Facebook Side Hustle Course but focused on promoting blogs and personal sites.

Don’t let the name fool you, Facebook Ads for Bloggers is a great option if you are:

  • A blogger who wants to increase their traffic, page views, affiliate income, and sales.
  • A freelancer who wants to grow their email list and maybe monetize their website or blog one day.
  • Online business owners who are looking for more website traffic and email subscribers.

Learn more at Facebook Ads for Bloggers

Free Facebook ad training

The above courses cost money, and not everyone is going to be ready for that just yet. That’s completely okay! Here are some places for free Facebook ad training to help you get started and test the waters.

Facebook Blueprint

This is Facebook’s own ad training platform. There are beginner-level courses that focus on the basics, to advanced level courses on specific topics.

Facebook Blueprint lessons run anywhere from 5-20 minutes long, and you can browse the complete catalog of lessons here.

Learn more about Facebook Blueprint’s Ad Certification at Facebook Ad Certification: Worth It or Worthless?

More free Facebook ad training

There are a lot of really great articles right here on Laptop Empires that are free, mini Facebook ad training lessons.

Getting started with Facebook ads:

Sizes, specs, and more!

Niche-specific topics:

Specific ad placement options:

Funnels and landing pages:

Running a Facebook ad agency:

You can also check out the Laptop Empires YouTube channel where our own Mike Yanda walks you through Facebook ad training specifics.

Here are two of our most popular videos for Facebook ad managers:


The final word on Facebook ad training

There is so much out there on the internet, including even more Facebook ad training. That means there aren’t any excuses for learning as much as you can to start a side hustle running ads or to grow your business.

Keep in mind the points we covered in what to look for in Facebook ad training, and get to work!

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