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Are you looking to increase your income with one of the best side hustles today? Then you need the best Facebook ads course available. Don’t worry, we got you fam.

If you’ve ever wondered how the ads in your Facebook feed seem to be custom-tailored to you (on an almost spooky level) you should know that you’ve been targeted by some knowledgeable ad managers.

But good Facebook ads managers don’t just materialize out of thin air. They are taught and trained and know exactly how to utilize all of the features of one of the world’s best platforms to advertise on.

This is something that we are passionate about. And we feel pretty confident in this not-so-humble-brag… we have the best Facebook ads course on the internet.

Today, you’re going to learn all about our Facebook Side Hustle Course, including:

  • How to pick the right Facebook ads course for you
  • Why the course creators are the real deal
  • How this course is different from others
  • Learning how to become a successful ads manager
  • The extras that really set it apart

And more!

Basically, you’re going to learn why our course merits this virtual trophy over all the other options out there.

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How to pick the best Facebook ads course for you

What should you be looking for in an e-learning course on Facebook ads? It’s important to feel like you are putting your hard-earned money into something deserving of it, and it’s normal to feel a little skeptical of online courses.

So first, look at the source.

Do they seem pushy? Do their goals and values line up with your own? What do they offer as social proof (reviews, success stories, etc.)? Courses that sell big dreams of making six figures in six weeks, courses that offer you “certifications,” or generally leave you with your “bad vibes” meter alarm going off are probably best avoided.

The creators of the Facebook Side Hustle Course kept this in mind when they designed the course to help you through the three stages you need to go through on this side hustle journey: learning the ad management system, acquiring paying clients, and closing and onboarding your clients.

To accomplish this, the best Facebook ads course is going to teach you:

  • The mechanisms of Facebook Business Manager
  • The makeup of a well-structured ad
  • The three levels of an ad campaign
  • Custom audience targeting
  • What funnels are and how to utilize them properly
  • Campaign objectives and when to use each one
  • How to create landing pages
  • How to set up lead forms
  • All about the pixel

We highly recommend that you also look for a course that teaches you how to troubleshoot ads, so when performance isn’t what you want it to be you can make corrections.

And, that’s just the basics.

A really good course will also include trainings on good tools to use, good business practices for setting up your new side hustle, and best practices for client interaction and management.

Fortunately, the Facebook Side Hustle Course ticks all those boxes, and way more.

Check out the Facebook Side Hustle Course today!

Walking the walk

When it comes to running Facebook ads, course co-creators Mike Yanda and Bobby Hoyt have actually made quit-your-job money running ads for businesses. Mike has an ads agency that has topped 30 clients at a time, and continues running ads. Bobby quit his band director job and held his own managing Facebook ads, and even used his knowledge to grow his blog drastically.

And it doesn’t stop there — they have a team of experts in the support group (more details on that later) that also have made careers out of digital marketing.

This is the kind of social proof you should get from the best Facebook ads course.

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The difference between FBSH and its competitors

You won’t find any guru boys in this course. You won’t be told repeatedly that you need to purchase expensive apps or sign up for their affiliate products to achieve success. No one will be selling you “get rich quick” schemes. This is purely a transfer of knowledge and skills in the form of a very affordable course. Since both Mike and Bobby were self-taught, they broke down all the aspects of Facebook ads to make it easy to digest and implement.

You won’t hear calls to grind to death, either. Mike built (and still runs) his agency while being a stay-at-home dad. Bobby learned his skills while also growing his blog Millennial Money Man.

Neither they nor their coaches push burning the candle at both ends, and you have unlimited, lifetime access to the content in this Facebook ads course so you can truly go at your own pace. At the end of the day, you want to have the confidence that your teachers have actually been through what they are teaching, and that is guaranteed with Mike and Bobby!

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Talking the talk

Often, advertisements for digital marketing courses and education make you feel as if you are being spoken to in a foreign language. Terms like funnel, lead form, and acronyms like CPC might feel overwhelmingly technical.

Don’t let that deter you! The goal of the course is to be completely comprehensive. Within the modules, all the basic information you need to go from a casual user of Facebook to an ad managing pro, are there, including detailed breakdowns for all the key terms.

What sets the best Facebook ads course apart

The Facebook Side Hustle Course isn’t just a course that leaves you to slog through the information alone. You get access to a team of experts in the private support group (as mentioned above) as well as fellow students of the course who are all there to help with clarifications, give guidance, and offer pep talks to spur you on to success.

The private group is so beneficial that there are students who have maintained their membership since 2018 when Mike and Bobby first offered the course, and repeatedly tell new students that the group is what made the difference in their journey. Many of them have made it to the 5K Club, which means they are making at minimum $5,000 a month running Facebook ads for businesses.

That’s life-changing money, and a major reason we firmly believe this is the best Facebook ads course out there.

Your private group membership is FREE for the first month after you purchase the FBSH Course, and it’s jam-packed with value.

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This course teaches you how to become a successful ads manager

When Mike and Bobby designed the FBSH course they knew that they needed to include all the information vital to understanding and running ads on Facebook, but that wouldn’t be enough to help people increase their income and reach their personal finance goals. Students would need to know how to gain clients, and manage that side of the side hustle as well.

That is why they created an entire module (the biggest one in the course) on how to find clients. This is often one of the biggest hesitations people have when it comes to learning how to run ads on Facebook.

Not only does this course have all the basics on how to set up ads in Business Manager, and even what makes a good ad including lessons on copywriting and ad image selection, but it hyper-focuses on all the different methods you could use to find clients willing to pay the recommended $1,000 retainer fee.

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The extras that really make this the best Facebook ads course

Here’s the sad reality: most courses give you the lessons, and then leave you to figure it out.

The huge benefit of the Facebook Side Hustle Course is that our support group doesn’t stop with the weekly live trainings and additional support. With a library of over two years of topical trainings and live coaching calls from industry experts in the group, you have all you need to hone your skills and aim for the $5K Club.

Live trainings are held weekly, and they are great for asking personalized questions and expanding your knowledge — all while hanging out with some fellow hustlers!

Not only do the experts offer weekly trainings, but they also walk through problem ads (called Hot Seats), lead magnets, landing pages, and other aspects of running ads on Facebook to provide you with advice and improvements. At your fingertips, you get on-demand coaching access from some of the most knowledgeable and nicest people on the internet.

Mike gets into the nitty-gritty on how to improve problem ad performance so you can take actionable steps to improve your client’s ads.

And when Facebook inevitably changes policies or tweaks the platform, you aren’t left in the dark wondering if you’re operating in compliance or misusing features. Since Mike and Bobby and the experts are all still personally involved in managing Facebook ads, they are up to date on the platform, and break it all down in no-nonsense terms.

The final word on the best Facebook ads course around

If you’re looking to increase your income through a legitimate skill-based side hustle, running ads on Facebook for local businesses is a killer option. Because Mike and Bobby found success in doing so themselves, they decided to create an easy-to-use course of video lessons that teach other people how to do exactly what they do.

The Facebook Side Hustle Course is not the only option out there when it comes to learning how to create and manage ads. But it is one of the most affordable, and offers enough in-depth content to give students a practical money-making skill that earns life-changing money.

With go-at-your-own-pace lifetime access to the course content, an active support group, and a money-back guarantee, it’s not surprising that there have been nearly 4,000 students enrolled in this course with a growing waitlist.

Check this out for more information on the Facebook Side Hustle Course.


What is holding you back from purchasing the FBSH today?


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