Pinterest Jobs: Turning Your Passion for Pinning Into Profits


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Pinterest may be your go-to source for visual inspiration, but did you know there are a variety of Pinterest jobs for those who understand how to use it effectively? Pinterest is more than finding the latest paint colors or researching trends in gardening with succulents. For many users,  Pinterest can actually become your serious side hustle or maybe even your full-time job.

But it takes more than just knowing how to pin an eye-catching recipe in someone’s Pinterest feed to be able to earn money. Pinterest combines social media and e-commerce for its users. It’s full of strategy, analytics, and techniques that are unique to the platform. If you can understand how all these tactics work together, then you can find ways to earn money through your love of Pinterest.

Who is Using Pinterest?

If you’re unsure if now is the right time to consider pursuing Pinterest jobs, you may be interested to know it has over 367,000,000 monthly users. The average Pinner is searching through Pinterest around 8 times per month. But Pinterest represents much more than a healthy number of active users. The search engine is a mammoth when it comes to buying power from its users.

Who are the primary users of Pinterest? Fortunately for us, Pinterest has amazing insights into who is using their platform and the information was provided when Pinterest filed its IPO. Here is a snapshot of what the typical Pinner may look like:

Of course, not every Pinner falls into this category, but this should give you an idea of who uses Pinterest. It also means that there’s serious buying power attributed to those who are using Pinterest daily. And wherever there is buying power, there is likely a demand for services to tap into that power.

Enter the list of Pinterest jobs.

How to Make Money With the Best Pinterest Jobs

Let’s get to the heart of why you’re here – you want to know how to make money with Pinterest. There are multiple Pinterest jobs worth exploring. Here is a list of several of our favorite avenues to make money.

Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

If you’ve taken your Pinterest skills to the next level, then consider becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. As far as Pinterest jobs are concerned, this is perfect for those who understand how to create pins and use them as part of a successful marketing campaign.

So what does a Pinterest VA do exactly?

In a nutshell, you take on clients and handle their Pinterest platform needs. You perform tasks such as scheduling pins, optimizing pins, and creating “rich” pins. You create visually appealing pins — including video pins —  and then monitor the performance through analytics. You can niche down even further and become an expert at scheduling using tools such as Tailwind or as an expert at Pinterest SEO (making sure a pin ranks as high as possible in a potential customer’s feed).

Clients who need Pinterest Virtual Assistants range from marketing agencies to bloggers to small- and medium-sized businesses. Pinterest’s own insights show over 1.5 million businesses are using Pinterest. You can be the go-to point person for all activities related to managing pins and a Pinterest Board.

If you’re interested in becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant but you’re not sure where to start, we highly recommend the Pinterest VA course by Kristen Larsen. In this course, she answers all the questions you have around attracting clients and handling their Pinterest marketing needs.

Teach Online Entrepreneurs How to Become Successful with Pinterest

If you understand the nuances of Pinterest and how to run successful campaigns, but you aren’t sure of the Virtual Assistant route, you can consider teaching others how to be successful. There are plenty of business owners, bloggers, and marketing managers who want or need to learn Pinterest, and can’t hire someone to do it for them. You can teach others your knowledge and give them the tools to succeed with Pinterest.

Ideas for teaching others can involve several different routes. You can create courses, write e-books, or start a blog giving others step-by-step instructions on how to use Pinterest successfully for their business.

Sites such as Teachable are great for putting together your own coursework. Once you have your course content created, you can promote it the same way you would for another business. You could run Facebook ads to promote your courses or advertise it on your own blog or website.

Start (and Grow) Your Blog With Pinterest

Bloggers have long touted Pinterest as a major growth-driver to their readership. But how does this happen and how can you use it to make your own money?

If you have a blog or website, or are in the process of setting one up, one of the burning questions you may have is how to increase the number of readers. Pinterest is one of the best marketing tools a blogger can use. Here are a handful of tactics for using Pinterest to drive traffic to your site:

  • Create pins for your own blog posts
  • Create several Pinterest boards so other Pinterest users can find you
  • Share pins from other pinners
  • Promote your own pins when you have a Pinterest business account

The great news is that there’s an array of resources to create a Pinterest strategy for your blog. For instance, we love to use Canva to create the actual pins. While Pinterest shouldn’t be your only strategy for growth with your blog, it can be one of the best ways to promote your work and expand your audience.

If you don’t have a blog, don’t let it stop you from making money with Pinterest. If you have a website where you sell items, for instance, you can use Pinterest to help drive traffic.

Earn Affiliate Income Through Pinterest

Here at Laptop Empires, you hear us talk quite a bit about affiliate marketing. And while affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to earn additional income through your blog, it’s also another one of our favorite Pinterest jobs.

What does affiliate marketing on Pinterest look like? On Pinterest, you can create a pin for a product you are an affiliate for, you can add an affiliate link in the text, and pin it. If people click on your affiliate link and make a purchase (or whatever the terms of the agreement are) then you earn an affiliate commission.

Another helpful hint with affiliate marketing is your affiliates should align with your overall brand. It might be tempting to create tons of pins for all sorts of products, but you want to stick to what your brand represents. If this means your Pinterest boards are centered around families and parenting, then your links should support this. This serves to build trust between you and the pinner while you maintain your authenticity.

As you begin exploring this option, there are a few important reminders to be aware of:

  • Read through Pinterest’s Paid Partnership Guidelines.
  • You can only run one account.
  • Disclose you are an affiliate by using #affiliate or #ad for instance in your pin. This is a requirement by the FTC.
  • This is ideal for those with a high number of monthly viewers and impressions.
  • Remember, be authentic!

Partner With Brands

Affiliate marketing isn’t the only job available for those who have high monthly engagement on Pinterest. You could also partner with brands to earn additional income. Pinterest allows you to partner with brands to create pins and promote products. Whether you partner with big brands such as Etsy or Absolut, or maybe a lesser-known brand, you can help drive awareness to businesses with the power of your monthly viewers.

To get started, we recommend creating a media and press kit. Use this kit to highlight the engagement level of your Pinterest “followers.” You can send this kit to multiple brands to discuss potential partnerships. If you need a little inspiration on ideas you can send out to potential brand partners, check out Pinterest’s Success Stories. You never know, your partnership could be the next one Pinterest is raving about!

Several of the same principles you use in affiliate marketing also applies to a brand partnership. You want the partnership to be authentic and go hand-in-hand with your own brand. It needs to make sense to your followers so they continue to trust you.

Our Final Thoughts on Finding Pinterest Jobs

Pinterest is such a unique platform, which means our list of Pinterest jobs is only the beginning of opportunities you have available to you. The beauty of Pinterest is you can find a niche and run with it to start a profitable side hustle. So if pinning away to your heart’s desire sounds like a great way to earn additional income, we encourage you to explore these Pinterest jobs right away.



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